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  1. I don't think Papa Smurf is supposed to have a plain white triangle as part of a beard, so you could also fake that in while you're faking stuff in.
  2. I do think their dying of age should be mentioned, even though no known Majharrat have died that way; Wahisietel remembers Zaros explaining that for a reason, after all.
  3. Really? Did not know. Do you have a source or something to look into? I'll have to go digging for specific chat sections and books, but I do believe that there are several references to the likes of Jhallan or Bilrach who would be presumed dead due to their prolonged absence from Rituals. I think Nadir might be a good place to look; I'll have to play through it again but I believe that there's some dialogue near the start where Bilrach is believed to be dead because of how long he's been away from the other Majharrat. I'll also have a look through the Majharrat Memories, which might be informative. EDIT: Source found. Particular phrase bolded but the rest is still important. "In the absence of Mother Mah, whose genuine existence [Zaros] seemed not to question, he explained that the energies that had been intended for propitiation had instead been distributed amongst the rest of us. He told us that on this world, without regular sacrifice our energies would wither and we would perish. He cautioned however to perform the Ritual infrequently, and recommended an interim of five centuries." ~Wahisietel, Wahisietel's Memory I think the fact that the interim is 500 years should be good enough to prove that they age stupidly slowly.
  4. Just a technicality about Mahjarrat: they're not technically immortal; they age incredibly slowly, and they generally aren't going to die for a very long time even if they never show up to Rituals, but they could die if kept from Rituals for long enough.
  5. I do like some of the extra requirements, as I'd see them as being "total completion" of quests, like keeping the King of the Dwarves rock, but I think anything other than stuff you'd encounter during a quest, miniquest, or the museum (which itself is a miniquest) is too much. Like, putting Arrav to rest, that's fine. 4000 chompies is not. Found the Elder Chronicles, that's fine. Talking to Vorago is not.
  6. Did Fate of the Gods, got Sliske's gift, and then found the ghost penguin immediately upon teleporting to the Bandit Camp lodestone to go get the desert elder chronicle and get the reward from Wahisietel. So much free xp!

    1. Sobend


      Yeah whenever I see the ghost penguin now walking around I'm pretty happy.

  7. Ritual of the Majharrat has to be one of the best quests ever written.

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    2. Amber Pyre

      Amber Pyre

      Yeah, we're being racist towards miniquests and excluding them from how we judge the best quest in the game.

    3. Nitua


      Cooks assistant is really underrated.

    4. Nitua


      But my favorite quest was the Making History one.

  8. Time for a RuneScape rant! Today I'm going to be ranting about the Completionist Cape and the fact that there are people who want Raids to not actually be a requirement for the untrimmed Completionist cape, and why it's really dumb to only make it a Trimmed requirement. And good god, my last post to this blog was in 2013. Where the hell did that time go? The main argument against Raids being a Comp Cape requirement seems to be that it does, in fact, require teamwork. Well, goddamn, what a nightmare! Completing a multiplayer game requires you to work with a team! Who'd have ever expected such a horrifying situation? Most of these particular complainers fail to realize that, were Raids to be shifted to Trimmed Comp for this reason, then we'd also have to move a number of requirements over to Trimmed Comp for consistency. Namely, the following Quests would no longer be associated with the Completionist Cape's untrimmed variant: Shield of Arrav Defender of Varrock Hero's Quest Legend's Quest Curse of Arrav Temple at Senntisten Dimension of Disaster Recipe for Disaster While Guthix Sleeps Ritual of the Majharrat Royal Trouble Throne of Miscellenia Blood Runs Deep Glorious Memories Branches of Darkmeyer The Light Within (which hasn't been released yet but is confirmed to require some of those other quests) After all, if we're moving one piece of content to the Trimmed cape because it requires teamwork, should we not move all Completionist requirements that can't be done alone to the Trimmed cape for consistency? Now, I do get the people who actually argue that it's very difficult to find and coordinate a competent 10-player team for Raids without being expected to use voice communication or whatever it is the elitists are doing these days. That's fine. I get that. But as Raids become older content and people find strategies that work for them it should naturally become much easier to organize kills of the early bosses, and really the bottom line is that if you aren't willing to complete this multiplayer game, then you don't deserve the cape that says you finished the game. Some minor arguments that started popping up around the time Raids were released seemed to be based around the fact that Raids are hard. Really? Tell me more about how easy getting 99s in every skill in the game was far easier than any boss. Tell me about how easy it was to finish every quest. Once again, Raids will get easier as they become older content, and once again if you're not willing to finish the game you don't deserve to be called Completionist. I dunno, I'm never going to have the Completionist Cape, and it's not because of Raids. It's because it's not physically possible for me to sit and grind every skill out to level 99 and retain mental health. I just can't do it, but even then I will try Raids once I reach the end-game, and when I finally get with a team that beats all the bosses I'll be satisfied with my achievement and glad I actually did it and didn't pay someone to let me leech. TL;DR butthurt elitists want comp cape back but don't want to earn it, they're dumb.
  9. And I'm back because this has some wrong things. Not very much to change, but there's some stuff to fix regardless. Due to an update, you now have to attack the mithril dragon to be able to use the bar. As I don't qualify for WGS, I don't know if this is also the case with the dragonkin key, but this should be changed to something more like "Attack a mithril dragon and use your mithril bar on it". No you won't, if your combat level is low enough; the dragon you find scales with your combat level and can be anything from steel to adamant. I don't know the exact levels that each one appears at though, but I got the steel dragon at level 111. It should still be weak to air spells regardless of which dragon it is. Should be changed to note that talking to Sakirth results in being damaged for a very large amount. I didn't go through any of his dialogue choices but I assume he says some interesting stuff. Boulders. That entire section seems to use "Tarshak" a bit too much, and I think several instances can just be replaced with "he" or "him", since there's nobody else in the area with you until you finish the fight.
  10. My last post was nearly a year ago about how SSFCYOA is dead. Maybe I'll pop in every now and again to correct quest guides.

    1. Guitarguy


      I was planning to update it on September 18th so that people who don't know what year it is (which I assume is a large demographic of mine) will think it's perfectly up-to-date.

  11. The one reason I've never gotten to Jad yet is because of how many unnecessary waves you need to fight through. There should really be a "Hard mode" like they have with the Troll Invasion, where you can shorten it to 20-30 waves, but have a lot more stuff coming at you per wave. That's literally the only reason I still wear an Obsidian Cape after 6 years.
  12. Perfect. If you wait for Steam's summer sale to hit (should be next week or so, I believe), you should be able to get all the AoE they have, plus EU4, and maybe the entire Civ5 for almost exactly 40 dollars, if they do the discounts I think they're going to do.
  13. Is it safe to assume that you play/played this? How much more advanced? Is it worth it to get this instead of getting the AoE 3 combo pack? They are the same exact price 1) Yep, 56 hours. 2) Advanced enough that after 3 days of gametime I still haven't found everything out about it. 3) First off, get AoE2HD on Steam during the summer sale if you haven't already. Then, get both AoE3 and EU4, because I recommend them both equally. EU4 is more complex and has a lot more to do (plus there's lots of fun to be had with countries going apeshizzle in Europe), but AoE's simplicity makes it a lot easier to get into and have lots of fun with. If, however, you somehow cannot afford 25 dollars this summer, buy AoE3 first and enjoy it, then buy EU4 over the Christmas sale and enjoy it. It'll be a bit easier to get into if you have experience with AoE/Civ/related first. Mostly AoE, because AoE is the best RTS I've ever played.
  14. You won't find a game of Age of Empires-level quality for free. At all. If, however, you will consider paid options, Europa Universalis IV is sorta like Age of Empires but a lot more complex. At the same time it's like Civ V without the turn-based gameplay, and also still more complex.
  15. Personally, I think they should revert the changes. Sheep Herder is a rite of passage. We should keep it annoying so that people have no reason to do it. That mushroom can go fudge itself though. That was a good fix.
  16. I just make lists with semicolons because that's why they exist and it removes basically all the ambiguity.
  17. Man I sure hope you already had one.
  18. I would be all kinds of down for this.
  19. I feel ashamed for thinking that there was a book on top of a book.
  20. There are items you can make out of divine energy that could be useful (auto-healing things, etc.), but other than that it's basically a novelty skill.
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