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  1. Very nice 98 mining and other stats as well. Where are you mining and what are you mining?
  2. newoldscaper

    Daily Log Of A New, Yet Old Runescape

    Thank you both for the support. So my friend who I'm sure you all know Eberk has introduced me into gold mining in the living rock caverns. I'll be doing that for a while and save up money for 98 smithing. So far I have 800k gp and by the end of the day I hope to have 500 gold ores or more mined.
  3. newoldscaper


    I haven't really played since last February. I've been trying to get back into it though for whatever reason.
  4. newoldscaper

    A Lot Of Coincidences In Runescape

    There are many wiccan and witchcraft references in runescape. I doubt this is much of a surprise to anyone though really.
  5. newoldscaper

    Daily Log Of A New, Yet Old Runescape

    Thanks. I've had 97 since last January so who knows when I will even get to 98? I may get back on abyssal runecrafting or astral runecrafting here in the near future. I'm just trying to get my feel back of the game right now.
  6. newoldscaper

    Daily Log Of A New, Yet Old Runescape

    All right so I quit around last February and TS is feeling sort of depressed lately and bored too. Only depressed on his bored days which there have been many of lately. So I figured I may as well play runescape at least some. I figured to motivate me a log will do nicely. I don't have anything fancy and I doubt I will. I don't really have many goals either. Maybe one day I'll push myself onto 99 smithing. For now I'm just raising my woodcutting level. Player picture: Starting Stats(Since Feb 09) More to come here soon. Thanks for any support. Username: NewOldScaper
  7. newoldscaper

    Wich Is Better Ivy Or Willows?

    Ivy's good. Not for my level(71) but with yours and a drag. hatchet you should be great. Much better than willows.
  8. newoldscaper

    Log Of Emoberk - 2482 - 99+ Skillz

    Grats on 93 mining, Ebes. So that's the place you were telling me about. Looks cool. Keep it up.
  9. newoldscaper

    Are You Addicted To Runescape?

    I'm not. I can barely even force myself to log on.
  10. newoldscaper


    Thank you. And wait, didn't you just say to not feed the trolls? So don't feed you. But wait, by saying this am I feeding you? haha. Thank you two for the greeting. :)
  11. newoldscaper

    Trey's F2P Old School Iron Man Log

    Way to go, Trey! You've been working quite some time on this goal and I know you can do it! Good luck on the new goal of 100M gp too. It'll be tough, but should be quite a journey too.
  12. newoldscaper


    Hi, everyone. I'm new to Sals. I'm currently wanting to get back into runescape. Maybe some new friends will help me. It's an iffy thing as to whether or not I do really. I haven't played since last February and I'm just missing that old feeling of excitement. Maybe a fun forum and new friends will help me get that old feeling of fun back in me. Thanks.

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