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  1. Cold Karnage

    Gorillaz - Plastic Beach

    On Melancholy Hill is my favorite song on the album.
  2. Cold Karnage

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    Go to their profile and there should be an option called "Block Communications" Actually, you click on the message that he/she sent you and select 'Block Communications'. If you're going to help someone, please at least give the person tips that are accurate. -.- Xbox Live = SERIOUS BUSINESS! Darksiders is a super fun game. It's like Ninja Gaiden/Devil May Cry/God of War gameplay with puzzles/dungeons like the Legend of Zelda. It's pretty amazing how well done it is, especially for a video game company's first game. The only gripe I have with it is that there's a lot of screen tearing on the 360 version.
  3. Cold Karnage


    I am absolutely addicted to this show. I just started watching it over a week ago and I'm almost finished with season 3. This and Breaking Bad are definitely my favorite dramas on TV right now.
  4. Cold Karnage

    The Steam Thread

    I just got 2 gigs of RAM a couple of days ago, so I'm finally able to play the PC version of TF2 now. Unfortunately, I suck at it. I do WAY better on the Xbox version, but I guess it'll just take some time getting used to. I just ordered a new graphics card too, which should be delivered by Monday or Tuesday. Should help make things run a bit smoother. My steam name is XenoBurn, and my current nick is Cold Karnage. Feel free to add me.
  5. Cold Karnage

    Problems With Ram

    I'm really not too computer smart, but I had bought 4 gigs of RAM for my computer at Newegg ( http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820145184 ) thinking that all RAM fitted with any motherboard. Well, when I tried installing it, I noticed that my old RAM didn't match up with the new. I used crucial.com's memory scanner, but it didn't come up with any suggestions. All I want is either 2 or 4 gigs of RAM (in total) for my computer. For some reason, it didn't detect my 512mb stick of RAM... I used another memory scanner so you could see what I had in and stuff. If you could find any RAM that's being sold (I don't care where it's from), please link it here. I have a huge headache from wasting two weeks in hopes of actually being able to play games on this computer, but then I get stuck with something that doesn't even fit in the motherboard. Thanks.
  6. Cold Karnage

    Dream Theater

    Dream Theater is a great band. My friend introduced me to them like 4 years ago. All of their albums are really good, but I like Octavarium for some reason. The song "Octavarium" (same as album name) is 24 minutes long, which is pretty crazy for fast-working instrumentalists like Dream Theater. Just proves how much endurance they have.
  7. Cold Karnage

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    Removed the link since I'd probably get a warning for putting something that links to a bot here. Anyways, I've been addicted to Fable 2 lately. It's pretty fun, but I really wish there was a higher difficulty setting.
  8. Cold Karnage

    Yuri The Only One

    My God, that was horrible. There are no words to explain how bad that song was.
  9. Alright, this is kind of a long story. A few years ago, my computer got some viruses that made it almost impossible to use the computer. My friend offered to reformat my computer for free (his dad works with computers). Unfortunately, I didn't have the Windows XP Home Edition disc (I guess I lost it), so his dad just installed a normal Windows XP on to my computer. It was fine for a few months, but then my computer kept prompting me with "You may be a victim of software counterfeiting, ask for Genuine Microsoft Software." Well, for the past couple of years, I managed to keep it from bugging me by deleting a few files (by going into safe mode), but now my computer keeps getting constant updates every single time I do that. I want to reformat my computer so I don't have to worry about it, but I still don't have a Windows XP Home Edition disc. I do have the code for it on a sticker on the back of my computer. Is there any way to get another disc, or should I bring it into Best Buy (since they probably have a few discs laying around) and have them reformat my computer for me? The only files that matter on my computer is my music, but I can easily download it again if I need to. Thanks for the help.
  10. Cold Karnage

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    Why couldn't I have been more patient and waited to get Dead Space at Christmas? It's the only game I've regretted buying (out of that and Fallout 3) because I NEED Dead Space. After two runthroughs of the game, it feels like there's nothing else to do with it. Four months ago, I had let me friend borrow GTA IV, which he lost. He said he would get me 60 dollars, but is being an cabbage and delaying giving it to me. It's been 3 months since I asked for it back, and getting that money is my last chance at getting Gears 2 before Christmas (unless I sell a bunch of my Xbox games, but I highly doubt I'll get 60 dollars for them). :'( I NEED GEARS OF WAR! Fallout 3 is okay, but being OCD really gives me a headache. I have the need to pick up every item I come across and sell it. Same thing happened to me in Oblivion. It'll take me a long time to finish the game at the pace I'm going.
  11. Cold Karnage


    I got the game yesterday but I didn't have a chance to play. My DVD drive has been jammed for a while (just been using my normal disc drive) so I was about to resort to buying a new one (I'll need to eventually...), but I took it out and took the casing off and put the disc in it. I put it back in the computer and installed it. Unfortunately, when I was taking my computer apart to take it out the DVD drive again, the disc was spinning and scratched the disc deeply (Xbox 360 users know what I mean). I'll have to bring it to Blockbuster or somewhere for they can use that disc-shaving device or whatever it is. I couldn't believe that they didn't have any DVD drives that were under $60 at Circuit City. They're so expensive because they ALL have a DVD burner in them. At the end of the day, I just ended up falling asleep before I could play it. I played it for like 30 minutes before I went to school, and beat the cell stage in more than half of the time. I really wish it was longer because you barely get to evolve your cell with new weapons and such. It was fun, though. I've been working on the creature stage now. I want to turn my creature into an "adaptable" creature (both social and predator), but it's impossible for me to befriend other nests. I've only been able to make about 3 allies. I guess I just need to add more socializing parts to my creature. That's my creature (Lemalian). Not very creative, but I'm holding out for something cool once I get more DNA and parts. Overall, it's a very fun game. I can't wait to design buildings and vehicles.
  12. Cold Karnage

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    They really need to hurry up and invent the "kill people over the internet" device for the sole purpose of this post. I'm going to use my killswitch to delete you, your computer, anyone who knows you, your posts, and any other trace of you. Hopefully it works with Mac OS X? Is mercs2 going to be fixed sometime soon? No, it's the fact that you're using 4chan memes which makes you sound extremely idiotic. LOL BARREL ROLL EPIC FAIL FACEPALM MUDKIPZ SO FUNNI LOLOLOL SHEWP DA WHEWP [email protected][email protected] I just bought Spore so I'm going to be playing that for a while. Playing games on the Xbox has been getting stale, although Castle Crashers was extremely fun. I'm going to try and collect all of the weapons in that game just because I'm OCD. :o
  13. Cold Karnage

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    They really need to hurry up and invent the "kill people over the internet" device for the sole purpose of this post.
  14. Cold Karnage

    Are Your Teeth...

    Let's see... I went to the dentist a week ago, and complained about sensitivity problems for about the 3rd time. When my dentist tried to clean one of my extremely sensitive teeth, I yelled in pain. They finally decided to do something about it. They used a laser on some of my sensitive teeth, saying that some patients have had success with the treatment. Well, it helped tone down the sensitivity for a couple of days, but now it feels almost the same as it did. I'm going in for another appointment on Wednesday, for them to decide whether or not to fill or use the laser treatment on my sensitive teeth. There's two molars on my right side and one on my left that are extremely sensitive to basically anything. Basically, I had ground my teeth down through its enamel to the dental roots or whatever they're called. My dentist said she hadn't seen anything like it since she had bulimic patients... God, I really hope they fix it. It sucks having to chew food with your front teeth and being extremely cautious when you drink. :'(
  15. Cold Karnage

    Banjo-tooie Also Coming To Xbla

    I thought this was already confirmed when they said the "Stop 'n Swap" feature would actually work. Anyways, I wish it'd come sooner. Banjo Kazooie games are really fun.

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