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    phoenix arizona
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    football<br />Basketball<br />n my girlfriend Kassie! 6 years and still going!! waiting till im 21 to propose :)

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    J killaz4
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    a secret ninja clan hehe
  1. felix the cat

    Your Formal Wear

    this is the best i can aford lol
  2. 1/10 never seen u before this post
  3. felix the cat

    Requesting A Sig ~close~

  4. felix the cat

    The Omega Faking Group

    can i be Chief M/NPC (Monster & NPC). that be cool oh i didnt see thins
  5. felix the cat

    How To Use Those Kits

    thank you very much. i think i will try to make one of those
  6. felix the cat

    How To Use Those Kits

    ok i am lookin to make my own personal sig. i saw anon joes and jnr j's 1337 ninja one and i thoguht it looked cool. How do i use one of those? do i need a speical program?
  7. felix the cat

    Do You Have A Phobia?

    the only spider i have a problem with are black widows.i got bit by one when i was little, all amost died but :P happens and i didnt know until like last year. i m not scared of death at all. also im scared getting stabed and not dying. i dont know if its a real phobia but ompa lompas freak me out. i hate that movie
  8. i feel so loney now no1 knows who i am. ive seen u like twice 5/10
  9. *cough* check your bushes *cough* mm im sorry wat did you? lol jk as i said 8/10
  10. 8/10 i see you alot tim i have know idea why though (i am not stalking you) :)
  11. felix the cat

    Famous People! Post Them All Here!

    this is my second picutre the guy on the left with the addy is me jk jk the other 1 is me the dude with the addy g said he would trade his acc for the yellow party hat he didnt say anything untill then and he realised he was a mod! lolz he got owned
  12. felix the cat

    Famous People! Post Them All Here!

    i just found this guy a couple mins ago yes that is me with the scraf on im really poor

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