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  1. Ludo

    We Don't Get Fooled Again?

    He was referred as "average" by Zemouregal, but he's been working out right? All those Souls strengthened him, probably for "the Ritual" where the Mahjarrat revive themselves. Remember, Lucien used to be VERY weak as well (some maybe even killed him in Temple of Ikov -.- ), until he found the Staff of Armadyl and Stone of Jas.
  2. Ludo

    There's 1 99.. And Another... Oh, And 17..

    That's insane! Great achievement, grats! -.-
  3. Lmao. He must be mental XD And what's wrong with Apple? D= I got me a Macbook Pro only last month... -.-
  4. I felt it was more about luck then combat, tbh. I died several times, using 35 brews or so, and when I finally killed him I had 7 brews left...
  5. Ludo


    From what I remember, the community was pretty cool, like HQ's -.- Though it was at LEAST 2006 since I was a member here...
  6. Ludo

    Top 5 Favorite Movies

    Monty Python and the Holy Grail Pulp Fiction The Birds Inglorious love-childs Indiana Jones series or LOTR, not sure XD
  7. Ludo

    We Don't Get Fooled Again?

    I think Nomad is a Mahjarrat, and WAS on the side of Lucien. Until he saw how strong Lucien got by finding the Stone of Jas, so he started SW to be able to escape from him and possible rally the troops (read: Azzanadra etc) around their former god: Zaros. Would be cool -.-
  8. Ludo

    It's A Bird, Its A Plane,

    Very nice! Especially as second 99 -.-
  9. Ludo


    Hey all. So... Yeah... Introduction post! I'm Ludo, 20 years old and I'm from Belgium. I've played RS since somewhere around 2004. I used to be a member here a long time ago, but it seems my account got deleted lol. As well as a player mod, I'm also a RuneHQ forum mod. I though I'd check out some "competing" sites :) Irl, I've played basketball since I was 5 and I'm in college atm. Exams are upon me, so that means a lot of posting on forums and playing RS XD That's about it I think... -.-

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