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  1. saltedslug

    The Bunny Kit

    i am here to officially be the one millionth bump of this post to say... i found 'em on an old hard drive. check my recent sal's post for the archive link!! yeehaw, cheers.
  2. Hey all, I used to lurk these forums way back in the day (a little over a decade ago) and just unearthed some incredible finds! If you are old enough, you remember how absolutely bonkers everyone was over the pixel kits in the graphics place. Unfortunately, most of the image links have long been broken and forgotten to time.. however, I just found an old flash drive from my childhood that had a TON of those old pixel kits on it. I have uploaded and organized all the kits into a Google Drive folder here if you're interested in. If you happen to have any kits lying around on an old hard drive somewhere that aren't in the folder, please send me an email and I will add them. My email is listed at the end of the README in the root directory of the link above. I hope you guys enjoy. Cheers! Edit: If you hate Google Drive, I have also uploaded the .zip to the Internet Archive here.
  3. saltedslug

    Web Design

    EDIT* Didn't notice that I'd bumped this.. I apologize.
  4. saltedslug

    some irl drawings

    I like the first one a lot.. it looks somewhat "steampunk"ish and the Union Jack patch gives more character and back story (:
  5. saltedslug

    Lionel Messi

  6. saltedslug

    Runescape Map Kit Needed!

    Are you talking about the Runescape Faker Kit? If so, here: Disclaimer: I did not make this kit, all credit goes to the creator, 'Aamelo'. You should be more specific next time, don't expect people to know exactly what you are talking about.
  7. saltedslug

    Favorite Video Game Soundtrack

    You HAVE to listen to the 'Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory' soundtrack, this is by far the best in-game music I have heard by far. Also: Halo (All of 'em) Fallout (I love the eerie background music of all of them)
  8. saltedslug

    Those Early Days

    That is AMAZING Andy!!! I like it a lot.
  9. saltedslug

    School Rivals

  10. saltedslug

    Pip Boy - Boxer

    @ Fatalysm (I'm not trying to Twitter ) Ya, I was doing the lines in GIMP and I realized that anti-aliasing was not there about 2/3 of the way through (shows how aware I am). And yes, the picture is one of the perk kind of things you can get in Fallout 2.
  11. saltedslug

    80's, 90's Rap Is 10x Better Than Todays.

    I listen to both new and old rap... I enjoy both, but there's nothing like Public Enemy and Run DMC. Any of those, I'll listen to all day! I do enjoy some new rap artists: Jay-Z, Eminem, Usher, and Timbaland... Yes, I know some of these artists are repetative like one of the first posters mentioned, but I still like them. Old School Owns!!!
  12. saltedslug

    Yeah, Well, Now I'm Pissed Off.

    What Xenia said was GENIUS! I don't play any woodwinds, but I have tried and I know you have to just figure out how much air to use and where to position your lips (Every wind instrument requires this.) Just experiment until you get the correct sound, if you need help, ask your band director, or even a fellow player.
  13. saltedslug

    Ghost Pixel

    Very nice for someone who hasn't pixeled in a while. I'm looking forward to seeing the outcome, as long as a little bit more detail is added. 8/10
  14. saltedslug

    Fallout- Discussion

    Do you remember Fallout? The post-nuclear awesomeness with amazing storylines, with (sort-of) limitless gameplay? The one you play(ed?) over and over again. You've beaten it so many times? I have. I'm a Fallout nerd. Yes, I have a Fallout timeline on my Flash Drive, pictures, Fallout BIBLES, and I am a member of No Mutants Allowed. Too Much? I think not!!! Tell me what you think...

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