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  1. Moo

    Turn 1m Into 10m?

    how? I got 1.2m cash I'll do anything as long as i'm making cash for sure withought a risk
  2. Moo

    99 Prayer & 99 Summoning

  3. Moo

    Sals Minecraft Topic

    The worlds are also limited to your map
  4. I would like to see you fight the kalphite king!
  5. Moo

    My Blog To Make Max Gp

    How long do you think it will take to make the actual wines once you have all of them? Also are you still working on the merching ?
  6. Moo

    Slayer Hall Of Fame

    User is the gs tank; combat level 129
  7. Moo


    Thanks :) I play a lotThose bones are big bones, it's a rare drop table drop and bots don't pick them up I also got toadflax or something, i forget My bank change a lot but right now i have around 10M (I just spent it on something, wait and see :) ) Also, yea i've known UnrealsRS for quite a long time maybe a year now Super antifires (with pot ) :) Sals is dead :o
  8. Moo


    jj about time
  9. Moo


    I'm planning on getting extremes soon, i was wondering if i should buy all supplies around the 12th and do most of it on bxp or should i just wait for the prices to even out ? What should i make to get it? i was thinking super str pots, they are not too slow and not too costly either, if there is anything else i should try making i'd like to know OR should i just save up to get turmoil, at the current prices and from my level, turmoil is 120M and extremes are 60M, extremes will probably be around 40M once prices go back
  10. It happened on the old site too, when i press submit or whatever i get to this website http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/index.php?app=core&module=usercp&tab=core&area=profileinfo I'm not sure if it will show the same thing for everyone so it says: Page Not Found Art thou lost, adventurer? It appears so, as there is no page here who answers to that name. The page may have been moved or deleted, or you may have followed an invalid link. Try using the side navigation to locate the page on our website. Use the search box at the top of this page to find the content you were looking for. Contact Us and let us know about this problem!
  11. That noise is so creepy 99 in 130 days doing this alone (from 1) Pretty quick
  12. Moo

    Hey Guys

    i liked it don't see why not
  13. Moo

    Range/summ Tank?

    You should get 42 attack and strength for void and highest summoning you can because it helps with everything non-pvp Also if you want to fight with summoning get 79 for the 3 titans (fire,ice,moss)
  14. Moo

    Slayer Hall Of Fame

    I normally don't post in here because I'm a noob But If you have 120 dung why are you using a whip... that's what 100 chaotics? so i doubt he lost them all
  15. Moo

    Bring Back Old Dance Emote!

    I feel the same way, also the goblin emotes look weird now We are talking about the one where the guy is kicking right? They changed that quite a long time ago so they should just make a new emote so you can do either one
  16. Moo


    each rc lvl is around 2-3 hours depending if im watching the screen the whole time and thank you both (aabid & luftey) I was watching a live stream and then they (Andrewajt62) did hide and seek and i won 15m! Bank = made The last picture is where it was 20m is the most i've had Visage for making fun of a dfs guy, nice (he had super antis) Now this looks like a bad drop Oh i got one from black demons, didn't notice (didn't pick it up >.>) 25m bank!! Effigy another effigy from a level 92 Another, damn im lucky another wow Only tasks i get are black dragons and greater demons Hood! Pro 60k tokens OK 2nd hood lol 120k to go! Well i got my rapier on jan 13 but I couldn't get on sals for basically a week before and after that So far it is quite expansive so i'm going to get 85 dungeoneering and do frosts to pay off rapier I'm f2p because i haven't been playing runescape a lot recently, i might get a card today By the way if you were wondering why there are no screen shots for these things, It's because swift kit updated and all my screen shots were gone, i had some cool ones like s u o m i assisting me in runecrafting It was sort of my fault, sals was up at the time Yep i got those pics back, not sure how they were just back in there Today old V newest to oldest http://gyazo.com/9de...bb89bd008a44cb8 Elite clue bcp split, sucks it was only 4m! one of the guys has never been there before 120 cmb (before bandos pic) i also got another ancient stat? i thought they were like super rare - forgot to screenie though forgot these even dropped them BCP #2 Woo! frosts are good money someone post pls this post is 3 months old :(
  17. Moo

    No More Trolling Wut

    [p] ^ Well there goes the rants section I used to post lots of weird stuff on there but i got banned like 6 times haha, Also the topic is pretty hidden, it should be more clear
  18. Moo


    Ty mr. err... fapping
  19. Moo


  20. Moo

    A Very Barrows New Year!

    Karils just looks gross, same with ahrims but the melee armours are decent, there wasn't a need for a change they all looked better before for sure. It all looks like torva/gandoermic now
  21. Moo

    My Blog To Make Max Gp

    Happy to see this long is active again, it's been up for like 2 years :( how many wines are you at? i see you on a lot also gratz on 85 mining

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