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  1. Teharcher8

    Random Levels

    Woot 1 more level to 80, 20 more levels to 99.
  2. Teharcher8

    This Is My Glory. <3

    Nice job, must have taken a hell of a long time ; I never got dust devils as a task when i was a member.
  3. Teharcher8

    Uh, Is This Pvp Related?

    The scimitar is a lot faster and just a little weaker. I would go with the scimitar.
  4. Teharcher8

    Purchasing Fist Of Guthix Rewards

    Why won't you want to play just one more game? Also, what is wrong with overshooting the price?
  5. Teharcher8

    What To Get Once At 70 Attack

    It would help to know what you have currently.
  6. Teharcher8

    What To Get Once At 70 Attack

    You could get a higher fletching/hunter/slayer/herblore/runecrafting level. They are extremely low especially fletching.
  7. Teharcher8

    The Penultimate Level

    Gratz! That skill is extremely hard to train.
  8. Teharcher8

    97 Woodcutting!

    Congratulations on 97 Woodcutting and 75% to 99! The cape is great.
  9. Teharcher8

    What To Mine

    Coal is great money if you are smithing also and they are not bad exp either. Mine it at the mining guild thousands at a time.
  10. Teharcher8

    Some Help Appreciated

    I suggest: Strength: Just fight what you normally fight or do flesh crawlers which are very fast and afk. The only problem is bordom . Woodcutting: Chop yews and maybe use those for firemaking. Or chop willows and use those for firemaking. Firemaking: Do only if you do woodcutting.
  11. Teharcher8

    Full Void Vs. Full Armadyl

    Which one is better offensively? Defensively? Time won't be a factor in choosing. Also is there anything better or as good as them?
  12. Teharcher8

    I Think People Have Asked This A Million Times......

    I suggest that you do cooking. It is inexpensive and if you use lobsters you will lose almost no money at all.
  13. Teharcher8

    Wat Slayer Master 4 Me

    I agree with the top post. Chealdar tasks ftw.
  14. Teharcher8

    Suggestions For Barbarian Assault

    No, but on the first post you said that the game needed a point converter since skillers couldn't be attackers. They also shouldn't play BA anyway because of all the fighters/rangers not to mention the queen level.
  15. Teharcher8

    Suggestions For Barbarian Assault

    I wouldn't mind last minute changes (those can get very annoying!), but I am not sure about the timer and point converter. When I picture the timer it just ruins the fun of unexpected changes in BA. If I knew when the tasks would change, I would anticipate it and the game would be easier and, of course, less exciting. I actually am against the point converter because the game is about trying out the different jobs and experiencing what your teammates are doing while you are in one job. Also it doesn't make sense if you think about it. Why should you get points for another job when you are in one job? A point converter will also change the game negatively since everyone will want to be their favorite job (healer most popular, right?). Teams will be harder to be made. The game without the converter forces people to do the job they hate the most because they have to. This makes it easier to make teams if you know what I mean. One of the best things about BA is the way the game forces you to do multiple jobs. I guess BA just isn't a minigame for skillers. -.- You can add me to the non-supporters list.

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