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  1. wood619

    Randomness' Log Of Randomness

    Congrats on your slayer goal!
  2. wood619

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    The co-op and the zombie mode is a great feature!
  3. wood619


    What are the odds of that!
  4. I dont try to abuse the grand exchange. It's a great tool for buying and selling. Merchenting ruins the prices though.
  5. wood619

    Sals Fable 2 Chat!

    Xbox Live Co-op is a great feature for an RPG.
  6. wood619

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    The NXE is a great facelift from the blades.
  7. wood619


    I would have a bank sale, and just rebuy the items when you become a member again.
  8. wood619

    Best Weapon?

    Get a whip or full DH if you have 70 defence + strength.
  9. wood619


    Merchent or increase your skills.
  10. wood619

    Mining Guild Rewrite

    Better than the old guide so nice rewrite.
  11. wood619


    90+ Woodcutting. About 93 now, I should get it to 99 soon.
  12. Farming for is useless for me. Fishing and Woodcutting gets me my GP so they are the most needed for me.
  13. wood619

    Jagex Plans A Third Mmo

    Wow, didn't see this coming.
  14. wood619

    Training Woodcutting

    Bank deposit your willows at Barbarian outpost.
  15. wood619

    What Should I Do

    99 Fletching. A good skill for your first 99.

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