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  1. Runescape is dying. I've played on and off for the last few years, and each time I started up again, I saw more material that deteriorated the old morals and codes of Jagex. The game has been dying since MMG took over. Andrew and Paul did a fantastic job before the executive change. Runescape was fresh, original, and exciting. We met people who shared similar passions, who also strived to learn the secrets to success in the game. Although everything looks better in retrospect, I do believe that, in this case, it does not hold true. The past was simply better. The game has a few years left. It is dying; look at the amount of people who play. Take a closer look at how empty member worlds have become. I think many of us can relate to clicking "login" for five minutes straight just to get into World 2. Today, the server is half empty. I've had great memories with the game, but as previously mentioned, every good thing has to come to an end.
  2. Flipped

    Aeth's Log N' Stuff

    Lol, you take a looooooottt of pics. Support.
  3. Flipped

    Volcom's Road To 99 Strength

    Thanks guy, updated. 9m-ish exp to go? Lol -.-
  4. Flipped

    Ancient Legion 90+

    The forums has closed, when are you going to release the new URL?
  5. Flipped

    This Week

    Life: Not good, not bad. Just been whatever. Formal's coming up, and I'm not sure if I'm even gonna go or not. It's not I can't get a date, it's just I have no idea who to take. I'm not going to lie, my school's females aren't very attractive, so it's tough haha. Had bball practice all week. Game Saturday, and then weekend should be fun. We'll see about that. Runescape? Still working on that 99 strength, starting to get real boring, but it'll be fine.
  6. Flipped

    Volcom's Road To 99 Strength

    Thanks for the support, log just updated. 80 strength -.-
  7. Flipped

    Volcom's Road To 99 Strength

    About Me: My real life name is Andy, and I started playing sometime in 2006. I played on my first account for 2 years, and then I decided to make my current account, Volcomed. I made Volcomed into a pure skiller, and then quit for another year. I recently started playing again a few months ago, and this is where I'm at now. Feel free to add me in-game, as I almost always have my chat to "friends" or "on", just tell me who you are and I'll add ya. Oh, and I would really appreciate if someone could help me out with a layout or banner. as I'm pretty clueless about graphic-making and html. Thanks Stats Pic: Ah, I don't skill all that much. I'm focused on 99 Strength at the moment, and the other skills will fall into place later. I think I'll only get Attack to 75, and then Defence to 70. Range and other F2p skills will be trained when my membership runs out ^_^ Inventory Pic: Not too rich, but I have some moneys. I should spend some on my nooby skills :) Recent Levels: Goals: One of my priorities is getting 99 strength. It's been a goal of mine since I first played, and It seems like it would be the perfect first 99 to go for. I'll be working on str and other skills, quests, etc. as I go. I'll be training at Banshees, if I get to 99, I will make around 40m from loot from them. I might slay a few times, but I'll mainly be at Banshees for 99 Strength Strength: Strength Levels: Max Hit Pic: Any suggestions or comments, post below. I'd appreciate it if someone could help me out with a banner or layout. Thanks for the help.
  8. Flipped

    Rate Me

    Bank: 6/10, the fire cape is pretty nice. Stats: 7/10, could use a little work on the non-combat skills
  9. Flipped

    Rate Me

    You've only been playing for 2 years? Those stats are great. Stats: 9/10 Bank: 9/10
  10. Flipped

    F2p Pking?

    I'd say stick to rune, and if not, try maybe tank-ranging and using maple bow + addy arrows.
  11. Flipped

    The Grand Exchange- Good Or Bad

    I don't like it. I'd rather trade player to player
  12. It came out 2 years ago, I read one of my friends, and it was very very basic info.
  13. Flipped

    Requesting A Banner

    The Render Size: 700 x 150 Colors: Dark Blue/ Blue Text: Twilight's Fury Style: Abstract Hope it isn't too much to ask. I'm making a new forum, so thanks in advance.
  14. Flipped

    Runescape Hd - Members-only Beta Launch

    Wow, really! The first day it comes out it has to be perfect or its a failure? They already said the update was optional. This a great update. And like Monte Kyle said, you can always expect lag/bugs when a big update comes out. Honestly, you guys should know that by now... Optional? What's the other option, quitting? Please find a way that I can play with the old graphics. I call it a failure. The only thing that will make me feel different is if they changed back to the old graphics. yes, really! A day is all I need. YES, really!

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