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  1. Hopefully it is because I would go crazy if they made a ff7 remake for the ps3 thus my desire for a ps3 will be even higher then ever. (Even more higher then when I wanted both MGS and FF XIII) But I agree that mgs 4 will never come to the 360, but wow, Sony really took a hit, I hope the remaining games God of war and resistance can really support the sales for ps3.
  2. NyCHolmesj21

    E3 2008: Microsoft Press Conference

    http://xbox360.ign.com/objects/142/14266574.html The press conference did not give any information of the actual release date but its still TBA 2009 in which I have a bad feeling that it might get delayed into 2010 for some reason. But even so, the fact that FF XIII will eventually come to the xbox 360 is great news for all of the square enix final fantasy fans that moved from a ps2 to a 360 instead of from a ps2 to a ps3. I am very happy. I can actually bear going from day to day without a ps3 now however mgs 4 will remain on the ps3 sadly :) But wow, the Xbox spotlight was just amazing. Gears of War 2 Made a HUGE improvement from Gears of War 1 and RE 5 (Big RE Fan) is very similar to RE4 but there is nothing wrong with that plus the co op mode should be really fun although i'm still going to play it by myself first. Just wish one of my friends were RE fans =/ Oh, and TOO HUMAN AUG 19TH FTW To the: "Microsoft just steal other peoples ideas" conversation, In my opinion there is nothing wrong with copying another and possibly making it better. Copying takes a role in improvment imo so there is really no big deal. I also agree that all three companies should just make a super console one of the main reasons that it will get rid of the fanboy wars. Imean seriously;http://e3.g4tv.com/e32008/blog/post/687020...o_Xbox_360.html Just read a few of these comments on that page, its like people are really ready to grab armor and a gun with a ps3/360/wii logo on them and fight against eachother Fanboy wars are really stupid imo.
  3. That press conference really made my whole summer better. Now, I no longer have to worry about purchasing a PS3 only for Final fantasy. However I wish MGS4 would come to the 360 as well :). Well, personally I believe that this was a smart move by Square Enix due to the amount of money they will receive based on the amount of xbox 360 owners combined with the amount of PS3 owners. Imean, not all xbox 360 owners just like shooters
  4. NyCHolmesj21

    Call Of Duty 5

    Well, honestly I really don't mind another World War II game because towards the end of CoD3's campaign there were some really good missions that really made me felt as if I was not going to make it all the time. Also very similar to the movie; Saving Private Ryan, which I love. I guess they could have made a futuristic game based off of "future weapons" on the military channel or something that is the only reason why I don't like the fact they're returning to WWII but oh well. I mean if they would have made another modern warfare game with a few new guns and a few new features what would be the point? Ill invest in this because I still love WWII games.
  5. NyCHolmesj21

    Questions About The Ps3

    thanks I appreciate the fact that most of your replied even though I gave unnecessary comments about the ps3 before of which were all false and I have annoyed some ps3 owners. Thank you. Now I'm currently trying to just buy a ps3 and keep my 360 as well. I'm pretty sure I wont regret my decision to buy a ps3 as the trailers for both ff 13 and mgs 4 has really gotten me very impatient until the release. I really would like to strive for both as I don't know what would be good for the 360 after gears of war I2 and Lost Odyssey made me realize how much I miss the final fantasy series. Thank you all for your posts.
  6. NyCHolmesj21

    Questions About The Ps3

    Yo, I am considering selling my xbox 360 for the ps3 and I just have a few questions about the ps3 before finalize my decision. So please, anyone of whom owns a ps3 please answer my questions and state any feedback you may have about the ps3 What is your personal opinion on the ps3 online? do you know if it is very different from the xbox 360 online? if so please list significant differences. Also, one thing is, the main reason why I'm considering buying a ps3 is because my friend and I are huge rpg fans, thus final fantasy 13 would be nice, we both finished lost odyssey by helping each other out with he private chat and etc. can I do the same with the ps3? talk to another person without being in the same online game?
  7. NyCHolmesj21

    Mods-please Close

    I think Snake Eater was the best as the action was cool and I became more attracted to the storyline than any other metal gear solid game. I also liked the fact that you can actually heal your own wounds and set your own limited items that you wanted equipped on you. Hopefully 4 can top 3 as it seems to have an even better storyline and I'm also wondering how Vamp from MgS 2 is still alive :0 however i face the problem of not having a ps3 but i guess I'll see how things play out for me. *high five to all other mgs fans*
  8. NyCHolmesj21

    X Box Vs. Playstation

    When ps3's exclusive titles come out, it will be loud, but the answer to the question when would be nice....MGS4 has gotten delayed like 3 times already, including the delay announced in the latest Game Informer. Then FF XIII is TBA for 2008. It may be awhile but I guess its coming. So no one should make negative remarks about the ps3 just yet until these 2 titles come out. I'm not gonna choose for two reasons, this'll just add on to the flame that has been already created because of the topic starter, and i can't judge the ps3 as I never played it, so yeah.
  9. NyCHolmesj21

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    Just a suggestion, cuz heres how I got mine, it cant hurt to give it a try I guess. In Isolation, Crazy King is the map required You should grab a regenerator and head to the shotgun spawn, (I suggest you wait until the position is like somewhere underground and then go up as if you go for it you'll most likely die in the middle of the fight. Then, Grab the shotgun, when the position is set to where the shotgun spawn is, then throw your regenerator, then people should basically start flying towards you, the only thing u have to worry about really is the fact of someone meleeing you from behind, but this just a suggestion, good luck. Btw, how did you kill two people with one spartan laser blast :P I cant get that
  10. NyCHolmesj21

    What Consoles Do You Have?

    I have (In order) Sega Saturn Sega Genesis 1 Sega Genesis 2 Sega Genesis 3 Playstation 1 Sega Dreamcast Playstayion 2 PCx3 Xbox 360 I'm not entirely sure is sega actually had a sega genesis 1-3, but from my memory I do remember going to an electronics store with ym dad to get a new sega genesis cuz my other ones broke, I do remember seeing a 3 like somewhere in the middle of it, not entirely sure, good old days. I have to admit I had better times with the sega consoles then I ever did with the playstation 1. Sega Saturn for black fire, Sega genesis for the sonic and hawk games, also the alien ones, and dreamcast for resident evil and sonic adventures, even though I'm having good times with the 360 now, I kinda do wish I could go back for like a day or so to play my dreamcast and genesis again.
  11. NyCHolmesj21

    Should I Get?

    I think you should go with Bioshock just because it will probably keep you entertained for way longer than dead rising or guitar hero 3 will. Even with live, I have many friends who bought guitar hero 3 played and enjoyed it for around a week or so, then dropped it, many of my friends even went back to halo when call of duty was released. The only reason why I didn't get it is because I just kept thinking of it as just a game where I'm going to see circular colors coming down at me and I must hit some button to get some points. Dead Rising I hear gets way too repetitive as mainly you'll just go around smashing zombies in like hundreds or different way, sounds fun but may one day get boring. But it is still up to you, I have only played the demo of these three games, don't get me wrong, Guitar Hero 3 is a good game but may get boring soon. So yeah, my choice is Bioshock.
  12. NyCHolmesj21

    Sega Dreamcast

    yeah, sonic adventure 1 and 2, and resident evil code veronica were good games, but I agree that the ps2 didn't kill it, it would've just eventually died as a result of the arrival of ps2 and xbox, still..dreamcast was a good game, if it came out a little after the time of ps1 did, coulda made some money in my opinion, but I did enjoy a lot of games for the dreamcast. NBA 2k1 and the sonic card games were fun too, ahh good times.
  13. NyCHolmesj21

    Psp.is It Really Worth It?

    I would say yeah a PSP is worth it, I don't own one, but I would like to own one because it does have some cool games like madden football games, tekken, syphon filter, GTA, NBA games, (sports games i think are really good portable gaming games to keep one occupied) and also you can put music on your psp, Since I have no portable music device and I do have sort of a long trip to school a psp would fit me well. I think its worth it.
  14. Okay, I have a few problems with this event and its "host". You don't exactly have enough posts on this forum for anyone to actually trust you. For all we know you could've went to other player runescape forums and posted this (Don't know if there are actually "others" ) but your reputation here is not big.and you wouldn't care to lose it. Your level...When I search your name NONE of your skills are ranked. This may be stereotypical..I'm sorry..but most low levels idealy try and get free cash/scam before they actually learn how to earn it. There is NO proof that you are in a clan...Your level is honestly too low to even be in a clan. I also doubt you can get easy access to 1M in a F2P world..even if you DO have a clan... But as the above said..competitions are about making money and not losing any..But honestly..the 10k entrance fee is the only thing that led me to think the word ..Check your rs name on your profile..But either way..I want to see your level...Honestly..at the rate you're going...this post is going to die way before december 10th..Explain my 3 points good enough and maybe that'll change my point of view. Also, the way you just insulted some people this proves that you're possibly getting frustrated that your..little plan..isn't working.so yeah..
  15. NyCHolmesj21

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    Well, I'm just going to forget as if the above never happened :P..Well yeahhhh guys halo 3 is coming out on tuesday yeah...oh wait, EnYcE Holmesj52 has received the "ring of death" yesturday just before his birthday? aww..Darn that dreaded red ring. now I have to wait like 4-6 weeks just to play halo. My friends also wont wana play co op with me since they'll prolly finish the game on all levels way before 4-6 weeks is over..oh well..I hope you guys have fun . P.S.: Has anyone actually preordered it? if you reserved it its possibly a very small chance that you wont get it on tuesday =/

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