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    How To Map Dungeons

    This Guide assumes that you have downloaded Screen Print & Capture 32 v3.5. The Dungeon used to explain is the Elemental Workshop Dungeon. If you are new to Dungeon Mapping then it is a good idea to map a small, simple Dungeon like this to make sure that you can map Dungeons. How to take Screenshots If you have configured the software correctly then all that you will have to do to take a screenshot is press the "Print Screen" button on your Keyboard. When you press Print Screen this will come up on your screen. Chose the option that is selected in the image above so that you can crop the image before saving. Click and drag the mouse to select the area to crop then right-click your mouse and select "Capture Selected Area" to save the image. If you aren't happy with the area that you have selected then just chose one of the other options. When you chose to save the image decide what folder you want to save it in, make sure the file format is PNG then press "Save". For another technique for taking the screenshots, look at this post. This is how you take any screenshot with this software but there are some things you need to check before taking images for a Dungeon Map. When you take a picture of the mini-map then you need to make sure that as many lines as possible are straight and North is at the top. To get the lines straight the compass will look like this: You will see that it is pointing slightly to the East (some people will have to have it pointing slightly to the West), but it is near enough impossible to get it straight and you will get the best results like this. When you save the images if you call each of them "1", "2", "3", etc then it will save time. Once you have taken screenshots of the whole of the dungeon then it is time to put them together. The best way to do this is in MS Paint. Putting Images Together When you open up Paint you will have a plain white canvas. To insert one of your images you must click on "Edit" then on "Paste From..." You will now have to find the folder with the saved images in and insert the images one by one onto the canvas. Line up the lines as far as possible. If you place an image in the wrong place then just press "Ctrl+Z" to undo what you just did. Use the Bucket and make the Background Black. Once all the pieces are in place you will have something like this. As you can probably tell this doesn't look very good so you need to do some edititing. Editing Editing out all the mistakes is probably the most crucial part of mapping a good Dungeon. Use the Color Picker to chose what color you are going to use to cover up the dots with then select the Brush with the medium sized round nib and click once on each of the dots. This should get rid of them but if it hasn't gone completly then just brush over the remaining part of the dot. If you have anything other than Black as a background eg. part of the background surrounding the mini-map, then you need to use the brush to cover it up. Once you have edited out all the splodges then you should have something like this. As you can see there are still some parts of the dots visable. Select the Line tool and chose the very Pale Blue. When you move your cursor around in the center of the cross that is your cursor you can see a slightly magnified version of 9 pixels of your map. When you click the center pixel will turn Pale Blue. Do this on all of the lines that are the wrong color then use the Color Picker to select any other colors that need editing and repeat with the other colors. You should now have something like this. It's now time to sort out the lines that you don't want. These lines are where the lines are 2 or more pixels wide. No lines should be more than 1 pixel wide. If you magnify the image 8 times then it is easier to spot mistakes especially on diagonals. With the two images below the one on the left needs editing into the one on the right. The one on the right is what diagonals should look like zoomed in. Use the Color Picker again to chose what color you want. As in the last step you will need the Line tool to cover up the extra lines. Keep on removing all excess lines until none are more than one pixel wide. You should now have something like this. As you can see there are some parts that have appeared twice. To remove these use a combination of the Square Brush and Line tool along with the Color Picker to make it look as if it was perfect in the first place. You should now have something like this. There is a limit on the width of the image. Maps cannot be wider than 615 px. You can find out how wide it is in two ways. The first way is that when you drag it the size of the image will show in the bottom corner of the screen. The first number needs to be 615. The other way is to slowly move your cursor to the right hand side of the canvas. When you are on the line or outside the canvas there will be no number in the bottom corner, but if your cursor is inside the canvas a location will be shown telling you where the cursor is. When you move it to the right hand side make sure you do it slowly since you will need to go 1 px from the edge then add 1 to find the width. Finishing Touches You have finished all the difficult parts now. All that is left to do is add all the Monsters, Spawns, NPC's and other such things that may appear in a Dungeon. You should also add a Compass and a note saying that you made it. This is one that I made. Use the brush to put on the Dots representing different things. With the monsters try to count how many there are in the Dungeon and where they spawn, but if that isn't possible then just guess where they appear and how many there are. Add a Key and there you go, you have mapped a Dungeon.
  2. Neo Avatars

    Salmoneus.net Gone?

    It was changed a while back (April 2010) because the fansite support thread on the RSOF referred to 'salmoneus.net', so it seemed sensible to make it redirect to the correct place.
  3. Protect travellers journeying through Mort Myre in our Temple Trekking revamp, with a range of new rewards, finer control over the route through the swamp and a new, diverse set of companions who grow in experience and skill as they travel. The pilgrims are an eclectic bunch, including mad wizards, militia members and elderly men, and have bucked up their ideas following their previous trips through the swamps. As such, they will now be able to aid in fending off any enemies that decide to cut your trip short, instead of sitting back and making you do all the hard work! In turn, you can trade them food to help them survive the arduous journey through the murky morass. Each time you help the locals embark on this perilous journey, you’ll be rewarded handsomely in resources and XP tomes. By continuously travelling with them, you will help them to level up, unlocking new skills and items to make subsequent journeys through the swamps that little bit more interesting. The mage Pazuzu, for example, will gain the ability to secure enemies in place with Bind, weaken their defences with Vulnerability and, eventually, to destroy them with Fire Wave and a Staff of Light. Rather than selecting an easy or hard route for the trek as a whole, you will be taken to a hub after each encounter, where you will be able to continue down an easy, moderate or difficult route. Persistently escorting and developing a particular person will build their trust in you, and will allow them to foresee the dangers that lie down the branching paths ahead; great news if you’re low on food and need a safer route home, if you’re looking for a particular piece of gear, or if you just really hate vampyres. http://www.runescape.com/img/news/Screensh...2011/snails.jpg The rewards have also been given an overhaul and a multitude of new items have been added, including a new outfit that everyone levelling Construction will find invaluable. On top of this, it is now much easier to obtain the full set of lumberjack clothes, which are a great help while levelling Woodcutting. These are just some of the great rewards up for grabs by the tenacious temple trekker. How to start:Check the noticeboard in Burgh de Rott (requires In Aid of the Myreque). Check the noticeboard outside of Paterdomus (requires Legacy of Seergaze). Mod Chris L In other news... Along with the revamp of the Temple Trekking minigame, Morytania and many of its inhabitants, from the supernatural to the slimy, have received some major graphical updates. The trees around the major cities of Lumbridge, Falador and Varrock have been made taller and more detailed than ever before in the latest of our visual improvements. Finally, familiars no longer need to be dismissed when entering the Grand Exchange. Instead, they will be hidden until you leave the area. The familiar’s timer will also pause while you’re in the area.
  4. Neo Avatars

    Sal's Realm Version 4.0!

    Yes. http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/index.php?showforum=11 too.
  5. Neo Avatars

    Submitting Items Via Website

    Nope - if you leave a text field blank it'll remain as it is and the submission will simply contain a blank field. If a checkbox is checked when the form is submitted, it means 'Yes'. If a checkbox is not checked, it means 'No'. The right column is as the item page for me, looking at it now. Iirc, there's an option to override the GE price in instances where the street and GE prices differ wildly. The input is probably for that. It's a single value input and the most common / sensible value is used. eg. Bones should have the base xp for burying them. If there's no asterisk, it can be left blank. When searching, they're not case sensitive. When submitting, the first letter of each word should generally be capitalised. See http://runescape.salmoneus.net/item-databa...action=tagcloud for a list of all tags that are currently in use.
  6. Neo Avatars

    A Level Results

    I got what I wanted, plus the newspapers' reporting of results day is as amusing as ever, so all is good. :P as long as you get into 6th form gcse's mean virtually nothing. (unless you're applying to certain universities that expect your results to look like a visit to the dentist :D)
  7. Neo Avatars


    There are some changes coming in the next year in regards to resits for certain exams (the ones I heard about were for certain GCSEs, but it may be more widespread), so it's probably worth double checking. Goggie is certainly right in regards to ASes in the last academic year.
  8. Neo Avatars

    Sal's Realm Version 4.0!

    Don't worry, I'll probably be gone soon. :( As in a tabbed guide, or one after the other, or something else? There could certainly be more 'Related Links' so the Skill training guides link back to the skill guides. In that case, if I'm looking just for chests in Ardougne, it's quicker for me to type 'ard' into the search box and see that the results have been limited than to read through all the text and manually process which are in Ardougne. It may seem a bit strange searching through a 6-row table, but there is practical benefit. Being able to log in to store highscore / quest data was brought up, but "it's unlikely" (Sal) that it'd be possible to do without separate accounts for both the forum and site.
  9. Neo Avatars

    @chrome Users

    github.com/mrdoob/three.js It's awesome. :D
  10. Neo Avatars

    Sal's Realm Version 4.0!

    What browser are you using? It's fine on all the ones I have to hand (Chrome 14, Opera 11.5, IE9, Firefox 5 and 6).
  11. Neo Avatars

    Sal's Realm Version 4.0!

    Part that and part because it looked silly having a whole heading to itself, with only the single link there.
  12. Neo Avatars

    Sal's Realm Version 4.0!

    Squeeeeeeee!!! #tooklongenough :( *Neo Avatars keeps quiet about the other things...
  13. Neo Avatars

    Site Haul Code

    Ctrl + U > Copy first line > Ctrl + V... <!DOCTYPE html> :( (there are also a couple of CSS3 properties in use)
  14. Neo Avatars


    Is an extremely fun 'racing' game that looks fantastic and becomes rather crazy on the higher speeds. http://www.proun-game.com/ - pay what you want, free or up
  15. Neo Avatars


    Exams. (this only came out a couple of days ago :P ) Sonic > Supersonic is a nasty jump to make, though upon hitting Speed of Light it becomes clear that the tracks were made with Supersonic in mind.[/scaringawaythecompetition] - ...somebody has stolen my first place! *goes to try and get it back* Got it back again - 1:03.166 with a couple of crashes.
  16. Neo Avatars

    Hs Links

    The link has been updated, so should now work again.
  17. Neo Avatars

    Your 10 Most Played Songs

    ...and the other tabs don't have a huge amount in common with these ones. :D
  18. Neo Avatars

    Harpie Bug Swarm

    Name of Monster: Harpie Bug Swarm Examination: A swarm of bugs. Picture(s) of Monster: Type of Monster: Animal Level: 46 Life Points: 2500 Drops: Coins (30, 40, 160, 230, 250, 490), Fire Runes (30, 60), Adamant Med Helm, Gold Ore, Steel Boots, Uncut Sapphire, Uncut Emerald, Steel Axe, Steel Full Helm, Chaos Runes (15), Death Runes (3), Staff of Fire, Mithril Chainbody, Jug of Wine, Gold Charm, Green Charm, Blue Charm, Clue Scroll (level 2), Shield Left Half Primary Locations: Northern Karamja to the south of the Agility shortcut to Musa Point Description: It is a Slayer monster requiring level 33 Slayer and a Lit Bug Lantern to kill. They drop significantly more Green Charms than other Charms. Contributors: Neo Avatars, Fitlinxx, Roy, Randomness I've a feeling someone posted something about these the day they were released, although several searches have brought up nothing. If I'm stupid, sorry.
  19. Neo Avatars

    Updates To Item Database

    1. They're in a table on the new site rather than the current mess 2. Not implemented atm 3. There's much improved search for stats... though the comparison thing seems to be broken atm *brings to Sal's attn* 4. Basically the 'Other Info' field 5. Possibly not, but you could ignore it if you don't find it useful 6. They need to be submitted, but images can be displayed on item pages with the new version, so that's doable
  20. Neo Avatars

    Black Dragon

    Name of Monster: Black Dragon Examination: A fierce dragon with black scales! Picture(s) of Monster: Type of Monster: Dragon Level: 227 Life Points: 1990 Drops: Dragon Bones (100%), Black Dragonhide (100%), Coins (196, 330, 346), Adamant Javelin (30), Adamant Dart (p) (16), Adamant Platebody, Adamantite Bar, Mithril Axe, Mithril Battleaxe, Rune Longsword, Law Rune (10), Loop Half of a Key, Tooth Half of a Key, Fire Rune (50), Dragonic Visage (Extremely Rare), Gold Charm (3), Green Charm (3), Crimson Charm (3), Blue Charm (3), Rune Knife (2), Chocolate Cake, Dragon Med Helm, Dragon Spear, Mith 2h Sword, Starved Ancient Effigy, Clue Scroll (Hard & Elite) Primary Locations: Taverly Dungeon, Evil Chicken's Lair, Lava Maze Dungeon Description: These dragons can be safespotted and ranged safely in both Taverly Dungeon and the Evil Chicken's Lair. You should wear a Anti Dragon Shield or drink an antifire potion. If you don't, you will probably die very soon. They are the only dragons (other than metal dragons and the King Black Dragon) to drop Visages. They are weak to stab attacks. Contributors: Neo Avatars, Mano, Roy, Ej_, Matt T, Magical, finisterra, Jacky, heb0, Randomness, Jacky
  21. Neo Avatars

    It's That Time Of The Year Again...

    Assuming there are 64 keys (8 colours with 8 shapes each), they're all added to the IDB, just some are missing pics: Blue Corner Blue Wedge Crim Croner Crim Crescent Crim Shield Crim Wedge Gold Rect Gold Shield Gold Tri Green Rect Green Tri Oran Corner Oran Cresc Oran Shield Purple Corner Silver Corner Silver Pent Yellow Cresc Yellow Pent Yellow Tri Yellow Wedge
  22. Neo Avatars

    Dust Devil

    Name of Monster: Dust Devil Examination: The vacuumed face of evil. Picture(s) of Monster: Type of Monster: Animal Level: 93 Life Points: 1050 Drops: Bones (100%), Blue Charm, Chaos Rune (5), Coins (15, 25, 60, 300), Crimson Charm, Earth Battlestaff, Fire Rune (37, 150), Gold Charm, Green Charm, Grimy Herbs, Half of a Key, Red D'Hide Vamb, Rune Arrows (12), Rune Dagger, Rune Javelin (5), Soul Rune (2, 5), Steel Axe, Mithril Bar, Ugthanki Kebab (1, 2), Uncut Gems, Dragon Chainbody, Starved Ancient Effigy, Court Summons Primary Locations: Smokey Well, Chaos Tunnels Description: Requires level 65 Slayer to kill and you need to be wearing a Face Mask, Masked Earmuffs or Slayer Helmet to stop a very fast death. They are not aggressive. Contributors: Neo Avatars, Lukepwnage, iFree, Roy, KaBob799, Holl, Randomness, Jacky
  23. Neo Avatars

    @@ Sexy Nude Photos @@ ( Leaked Site Refresh Info )

    It's been slow progress, but is getting there now... ^_^ TaskFreak
  24. Neo Avatars

    Violence Outside Tory Hq In London

    "every £1 invested in higher education expands the economy by £2.60. Treasury models indicate that half of this – around £1.30 – comes back in tax revenue, giving the government extra income on each pound invested to pay off the national debt or invest in other public services" (source) Yep, funding HE is certainly bad for the government...
  25. Neo Avatars


    Amazing. :)

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