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  1. monkey^

    Important Changes - Dt Summer Party

    If you think your coming please post, thanks!
  2. TIME CHANGED BECAUSE I HAVE TO WORK 1 HOUR LATER!!! 3PM EASTERN TIMEZONE - 8PM GMT Hello Sals! Devil Theory Skillers will be hosting a open house party Saturday June 30th, make sure to bring all your friends, this party will be hosted in the house of clan member Joshoz, who is getting 80 construction for party, you can stay as long as you want, hope that this party will be great success! Hope to see you there. What you will need: Any Item you would like to drop Where we meet: Yanille House Portal What day: June 30th, Saturday Time: 2PM EST - 7PM GMT World 132 Also while the party you can visit our channel or visit our forums to comment on it! www.devil-theory.com #deviltheory Hope you all can make it, ~Chris/Monkey, post here if you can make it!
  3. monkey^

    My Fakes

    LOL this made me laugh irl XD
  4. monkey^

    Jagex Broke My Flux Compacitor!

    LOL i love it 9/10 it's great good job :-)
  5. monkey^

    The Man Of Varrock

    wow very nice indeed, very interresting while i fish :P !monkey
  6. monkey^

    Count Down From 1,000,000

  7. monkey^

    Fairy Tale Ii - Cure A Queen

    They Also updated pest control, when the round eneds it switches off your prayer automatically, i think this is a down, pretty soon pc is gonna be weird, i dunno i think it will. :|

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