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    Making fun of people<br />Sleeping<br />Playing Runescape<br />Bodyboarding<br />Listening to Music<br />Playing Music (Bass+Drums)

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  1. Body

    Idk Another 99...

    I love you too Gillis <3 Hi laker ty didnt know you were still alive <3 lol! it was real! he just took the picture when the magic icon was flashing. he took it when the icon not showing and congratulations on lvl 99 magic, good luck on 99 prayer :) ~vik :) Are you serious? I mean come on. L LLLLLLLL?????????????????????? LMFAO you actually took the time to post that!? :) Come on! It's more than obvious that he was joking... Congrats on 99 Mage Body you sexy beast. L ty
  2. Body

    Idk Another 99...

    99 Prayer here I come.
  3. Body

    What Is Your Sex?

    i am 29 inch [email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
  4. Body

    Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich

    peanuts are for elephants l0l0l0l not [email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
  5. +++++ U SIR R BEAUTIFUL. inorite And you sir are sexy. ps: cook u r sexy [email protected]@@
  6. Body

    Adam/yelo 08

    You children and your forums.
  7. body he is gr8 he is sexy he is hot he is awesome i love bodybordguru
  8. Body

    I'm Taking Over

    I love anything done by my Cook.
  9. Body

    Ronin Versus No Remorse

    Nice job Ronin and nice pull NR.
  10. Body

    Ft Vs Wg

  11. Yeah we are more than aware. We still wanted to fight and didn't really care so we did :)
  12. BoS v Australian Army Alrighty well first off I'll give a shout out to Highwizard13, happy birthday bro. Anywho, we had to fight Aussie Army for cwpl and we first off agreed to the rules of, War begins at 7:30PM central Melee+Binds only Center Boundaries Clan with lowest options attacks we gladly accepted. The night before the war AA came into our Internet Relay Chat concerned with the war time. After some bickering back and forth, we had to agree to the war being held at 8:15PM Central time. It was unfortunate for our GMTers but we had to make due. (Shout out to Black Magec you beast for staying up until like 5am for the war <3) Around 8 we massed up, and headed to clan wars where we had some awesome spams ( :$ ) and AA eventually accepted. It was clear it would be a good war, BoS pulling around 30 and AA pulling around 40. Unfortunetly, AA brought RoT and had a ranger in their pile. According to AA the RoT incident was an accident (You should get things straight btw). We continued the fight after many RoT and AA ran out of bounds, and went home with victory. Full Out Numbers BoS starting: 32 AA starting: 42 BoS ending: 10 BoS starting pic: AA starting pic: They didn't have one.. BoS ending: Click Here (Hyper linked due to size) Then, directly after our full out we continued with the matched options war. Due to AA not being able to pull many, there was some controversy going on but we eventually figured it out and continued with the fight. The first time we entered they left to get more people and ended up only getting two more..and one lagged out. Anyways we continued the fight, having some very nice KO's and nice tanking done by our members. Matched Numbers BoS starting: 13 (28 originally pulled) AA starting: 13 BoS ending: 11 BoS starting pic: BoS ending: Random Pictures RoT Ranger Reppin the USA. Other than the out of bounds, RoT, and the waiting on the matched, it was a very good fight and I am extremely proud of BoS on how well we did today Good job guys, and good fight AA.

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