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  1. Chronophase


    Damn, congrats. Are you still a pure? I've been playing RS3 more nowadays (as an Ironman), so hit me up if you want to add me.
  2. Chronophase


    Nice kills!!! Hello friends. :) (my bad if this is an offense, seems like this section is still pretty dead..)
  3. Chronophase

    League Of Legends

    Damn I remember starting league 3 years ago because of this topic but sucking so I stopped. 4 months of ranked and closing in on Gold 1; hoping to hit platinum to close my first season of ranked. How are you guys? :) Haven't been on Sal's in forever haha!
  4. Chronophase

    Does anyone still play/pk in 07?

    Not a lot of pures in 07 from what I've seen, there were more looters than pures when I was dropping by the Wilderness.
  5. Chronophase


    o dang hi pure and sadly i have no membership, but i might get some, maybe man.
  6. Chronophase

    What Sals has meant to you

    This site has meant a lot to me in many ways but I guess friendship is most important, I mean with joining this site, I pretty much made the friends that helped shaped who I am today almost, and these are just strangers I've met over a Runescape forum lol. Honestly I still look up to those people today, complete strangers I've never seen nor known their real name, who slowly grew to be the only close friends I had back then, and I guess that was critical to my life in which it helped in keeping me happy. Honestly without these forums, I'd probably be a shell of my former self, so I owe it all thanks to you guys, every single one of you. Even if you guys don't know me, just know that you made a kid's life worth living. not a sob story, the only one sobbing rn is me because im actually sobbing
  7. And thus, legends fall, dreams collapse, and the unnerving wind continues to howl, relentlessly, relentlessly.

  8. Chronophase


    Worth PKing in? Even playing anymore?
  9. Chronophase


    Man it has certainly been a while. Doubt anyone remembers me though.
  10. Oh man it's been so long, hi Scaper and Pure and Pred and Byahh and Nacho if you guys still lurk.

  11. Welcome back. Glad to see some kills before beta hits. :)
  12. Chronophase

    Forced members trial

    If you're annoyed at the tutorial, you can skip it by going into Tasks, Open Task List, click Options at top right corner, then just click the thing about tutorial and boom you can just run out of Burthrope.
  13. The nostalgia when I view these forums

    1. Phoenix Rider

      Phoenix Rider

      But it's not Runescape Blue anymore!!! =(

    2. Chronophase
  14. They probably will, and they prolly wanted to test it to work out the kinks
  15. Chronophase

    Sal's Revenant Hunting Trip

    There's no real strategy in rev hunting, just rune/dhide, and there are no minimum stats, you do realize there's a variety of revs at different combat levels to kill? :o OT: I'll come to the next event if I can.

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