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  1. Destiny


    A more worthwhile question would be how's Runescape treating me :D Haha, do you still play? I stopped playing a couple years ago. Alright then, how's runescape treating you? Nope, I don't play. I socialize..and other stuff :( But it's treating me beautifully. And yourself?
  2. Destiny


    A more worthwhile question would be how's Runescape treating me :(
  3. Destiny


    Hi there sir! I missed you :D You were always my favourite :P
  4. Destiny


    Well it taught me quite a few things about losers. What about you? Dude, you're doing it again! Watch it! A certain female moderator may still be lurking these forums. I discovered what would occur to my channel if I dropped my nick. And I also was able to learn quite a bit about losers :(
  5. Destiny

    Clan Discussion = Deadsies

    I think you're just mad, because FT was better than you and everything you were associated with :D It's okay though, you're still mighty special in your own way!
  6. Destiny


    We talk on irc pretty much everyday. #rsft if I recall correctly. Oh yeah! We do :( What did you think of yesterday's very informative #Class?
  7. Destiny

    Your Sals List!

    History of Sal's CD. 1. FT
  8. Destiny


    I think about you every day...before I...er. Perhaps.
  9. Destiny


    Hi Bros and Broettes! Just wondering how everyone is :D P.S. Special mention to Xaria. I bet you miss us :P P.S. FT still owns you :(
  10. Destiny


    ft is dead lmfao WHAT. When did this happen? ???????? what?? NO!
  11. Destiny

    Oh, Hi.

    Seeeeee....so all our flaming wasssss for the greater good!!
  12. Forgotten Templars vs Lithuanian PKing Team Video: http://www.motionbox.com/videos/3097d4b71713e0c7be Thanks to Andy ^ Recap A week ago, FT and LtPK set up a fight for the Jagex fight. The following were the agreed upon rules: - Melee Binds Only - No Corrupt - Middle Bounds on Classic Arena - Higher Pull Attacks - Rings Allowed The Outline Starting Opts Forgotten Templars: 135 options (45 people) Lithuanian PKing Team: 129 options (43 people) We rushed in, and got a bit of a slow pile. Our first pile tanked rather well, but fortunately we also started off with solid tanking. With many quick piles, we got extended the gap in numbers further. LtPk did a good job keeping up, and soon we were going kill for kill. We then had a few dc's which evened out the numbers. Not wanting to lose because of dc's, our binding picked up a bit and we regained our lead. Excellent tanking by I Of Str I and Sccrplyr3 allowed us to run away with it at around the 30 person mark, and we never looked back. Overall, we had approximately 6 dc's, but our performance made up for it. Thanks for the clean and enjoyable fight LtPK. Ending Opts Forgotten Templars: 72 options (24 people) Pics: Last one to the bank... If anybody has any pics they want me to put up, feel free to pm.
  13. Destiny

    Small Clans No More ?

    It all depends what your intentions for the clan are. Some people create clans for the sole reason of warring, pvping, ranking, making it "big". Then there are obviously those that focus on other aspects, godwars, pc, etc. Others do so because of a group of friends, a community that tends to travel with one another wherever they go. If you feel burdened with the clan that you are in, then maybe it's not the best choice to remain as such. It goes beyond being stubborn or loyal, and moves on to being rational and thinking about all the members of a clan - maybe it is better if they were to find another place. I personally made this decision a year and a half back with a clan that was ranking rather well on Sals, and I'm sure many could tell you that it was the most surprising close in all Sal's clans. Why did I do it? I did so when I realized that maybe more good would come out of admitting that a change is the best decision. Obviously, I lucked out with our community being really tight with FT's community, and our leadership knowing each other well, but there are other options. Now, if on the otherhand you don't feel burdened...you feel comfortable in the position that you're in despite the numbers or the disadvantage when it comes to pvp, if you feel comfortable settling for cwa most of the times (etc) then don't let other larger clans or runescape communities affect how you precieve your own clan. It all goes back to what your intentions are. Hope that helps, and best of luck. Edit: As others have mentioned, if you would like AC, feel free to ask FT.
  14. Destiny

    Sal's Top 10/20/30 Clans

    Wanabe mod much? 1. Exo - stable 2. FT/GK - ft V Gk ^ 3. E/3X 4. Tri - bad pulls Nah, wannabe mod would be sucking up to the moderators or changing the way you post once you find out there may be sectional moderators. Trust me from experience, Marc enjoys being involved in too many disputes to want moderator. He's stating his opinion, which I guess is what this topic is all about, right? 1. Exodus - Out of anybody's league atm. Great pulls, good leadership, good dedication. Can make the push into the top ten. 2. The Gladiatorz - A bit inconsistant with pulls when it comes to warring and options. I don't really see much action and the most I've seen as of late has been in CWA. Has the potential and the community, would love to see them push themselves in pvp. 3. Runescape Elites - A pretty consistant clan, fights almost all challengers, and has very solid performances. Unfortunately you're GMT so we don't get many fights, but those that we do are always clean and respectful. I don't really know how you would compare with FT, so Ill rank you above us until we can get a proper fight set up. 4. Forgotten Templars - Working on making a big push out of a slump. Have the dedicated members to make it work, and leadership is solid, just need the options. Have had a war every day for the past two weeks, most were for no post, but things are looking up. 5. Genesis Knights - Really confident, which is good. Need to push themselves when it comes to challenging other clans. One of the only clans that I can see rising atm. 6. Triforce - I'm placing you above UBH because I hear of you fighting more than they do. Good miniwarring skills and adapting skills. You go through a lot of Warlords, which is hard for a clan, but it seems to work for you (now that I think about it, your past few warlords were ex-FT members ). Keep it up. 7. Unknown Bounty Hunters - One of the clans that I actually know almost nothing about. But, going off what I hear, you're a good contender and can probably put up a great fight for the above 3-4. 8. 3xtermination - Nice active warring clan. One of the clans that has their original leadership to date. 9. Eclipse - You're only down here for your lack of members, although you have a lot of solid members and good miniwarring skills. I have confidence you can take 3x.
  15. Destiny

    Sals Clan Stand Still ?

    FT have had a fight every day for the past two weeks, most were no post (you can ask a few Sal's clans about this, they were involved). The latest one was yesterday's pkri vs LF. LF won though, so that topic will be on RSC, lol. Exodus have been fighting a lot lately too, although all the topics of their fights are on RSC.

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