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  1. Sell player generated armour sets on the GE. Can I suggest that there be a means for players to sell self-generated armour sets on the exchange? If, for example, I have a rune platebody, rune platelegs, rune full helm, and a rune kiteshield in my inventory - would it be possible to sell these on the Grand Exchange as a set. Just a thought :-D
  2. molyfar

    My Runescape Story

    I was introduced to Runescape around 2007 and played (as a paid member) to help relieve the boredom of looking after my late mother, and as 'Chief Sefton', I fought my way up to a fairly high level. By about 2010 I was Here Then somehow, I am not sure what happened, I lost the lot. There was some confusion during the RS3 change over I think but I am not sure. Needless to say, I was not happy about it. I rejoined last month, again as a paid member, and gradually fighting my way back. as Sir Molyfar. As of 06/02/18, I was here.
  3. I used a trick allegedly used by the makers of Star Wars. Use the first few letters of your surname and the first few letters of your hometown/country. Mine is the first 4 letters of my Surname and the first 3 letters of my hometown. I have a keen interest in genealogy/heraldry and surname origins - hence my Avatar - and (along with my Clan name - Clan Sefton) a clue to my Surname :-D.
  4. What is the best and quickest way to increase my Combat XP, please? More specifically - improve XP Attack, Strength Defence Range Magic and Prayer. At the moment I am on - Hit Points 38 and Combat 41 Attack 33 ) Strength 30 ) I want to get these up to 40 - what is the quickest and best way, please? Defence 33 ) Range 35 Magic 42 Prayer 27 TIA Regards
  5. I worked really hard to get my crafting up to 40 so that I can use the Crafting Guild - only to discover that it was hardly worth the effort because I cannot use the bank. This is because only players that have completed hard or elite Falador diaries can use them. I have not even started on the Falador diaries. Arggghhhhhh!!! It ain't fair! It is small wonder the this Guild is nearly always empty of players. It is the same with the Cooking Guild but at least that is close to a bank. Again, this guild is underused for the same reason. Well at least it discourages the Bots I supposes LoL :-D Ahhh! Glad I got that off my chest LoL !
  6. molyfar

    My Bio

    Be very careful with coats of arms as they relate to a family of that name, not the surname. Only a person with a direct line of descent to the person the arms were issued to is allowed to claim those arms. I use Ancestry in conjunction with the programme Family Tree Maker. Online sources should always be used with great care. Ancestry, for example, is riddled with inaccuracies. Always use official sources where possible. Many parish registers are now online so that is one source you can explore.
  7. molyfar

    In Defence of Science Fiction

    I have often heard it said that science fiction (sci-fi) is irrelevant and that fans and writers are ‘weird’, or 'sad people in anoraks'. Whilst I agree, that there are some very strange people involved with sci-fi, I would argue that you will always get ‘odd-balls’ in any walk of life, and I do not agree that it is irrelevant. First of all, I would like to point out that, many people confuse science fiction with science fantasy. Admittedly there is a very fine line between the two, which is not easy to define, and that is why you will see both kinds of literature occupying the same shelf at a bookshop or library. Fantasy, in general terms, can be described as "fiction which is not realistic; fiction which could not have taken place in our world as it is in the present, as we know it to have been in the past, or as we might reasonably suppose it to be in the future" (Realms of Fantasy, by M Edward's & R Holdstock). However, pure science fiction has a fairly clear origin and historical development and can be defined as speculative fiction. Although they have a shared ancestry, human imagination, sci-fi could also be defined as the antithesis to science fantasy. I think that science fiction is thoroughly enjoyable, and yes, some of it is very tongue in cheek, but I do feel that it has a serious side, in that it gets us thinking. More importantly, it encourages us to speculate as to where our future might lie, and it gives us the impetus to do something about it. I see sci-fi as an idea or vision of humanity developing, both as individuals and as a race. I also believe that there is a two-way trade between science fiction and science fact. Sci-fi is able to introduce ideas to scientists who may include them in their theories. The sci-fi writers then incorporate these theories into their stories. In this way, today's science fiction can become tomorrow's science fact, and science is often stranger than fiction. You only have to look at mobile phones, i-pads and communication satellites, to name but a few, because science fiction writers were writing about these long before they were invented. To quote from Compton’s Interactive Encyclopaedia (Space Exploration & Science Fiction) - "In a sense, the history of space exploration began when early humans first looked upward and wondered at what they saw in the sky, and wonder, as always, prompted a quest for knowledge. The study of astronomy mingled with, astrology and religion was a feature of every civilization of which there is a record. With space exploration, along with new and powerful telescopes, it is now possible for humanity to look to the heavens and speculate on other possible worlds and different civilizations. As a realistic picture of the solar system and the universe is evolving, humanities urge to travel beyond its planet is becoming stronger. That urge often finds that expression in literature." In conclusion, what I will say to those who criticise science fiction is this; at least science fiction fans and writers have the imagination to "explore strange new worlds, to seek out new civilizations, and to boldly go where no one has gone before!" ( Star Trek ).
  8. Thanks, I had to have them in my pack, not the bank - Homer Moment Duh! LoL :-D
  9. molyfar

    My Bio

    MOLYFAR The name is taken from my Surname and Home Town. BIO I am an amateur genealogist and photographer. I also have an interest in Heraldry, in relation to my family history activities. The coat of arms (see my avatar) is a cross moline OR (representing my surname) on a Shield AZURE. The red rose represents the UK county of my birth and also the UK county my ancestors came from. The fern OR represents my home town. The crossed swords are in honour of the fact that I live in an area, of the UK, where the British Military has a strong presence. My Family Motto: "To Conquer is to Live Enough" My other activities are mainly community-based and I am also a very keen science fiction fan. The reason I took up Runescape, is to help me 'escape' the humdrum and boredom of being a full time carer.
  10. I bought a rune pack from the magic shop in Varrok but not sure what to do with it. I banked it but nothing happened. TIA
  11. molyfar

    Range Tanking

    Range tanking?? What is that?
  12. molyfar

    Making Money in Miscellania

    Actually, it's more profitable to put in 100% herbs and 50% maples. In answer to your question, yes, it does work and it works quite well. Even better 100% herbs and 50% coal. Get a load of iron ore and make steel cannonballs for max. profit. Herbs are the most profitable - especially if you make & sell unf. potions. Most of the guides I have read seem to suggest that WC (along with fishing and farming) in Misc. is not profitable. Keep your popularity high.
  13. molyfar

    A Fairy Tale Part 3

    I am having a lot of trouble killing the orcs - any advice please? If you have completed this quest, please can you tell me what strategy you employed, what protection you wore and held in your inventory? As far as I can see, I am doing every thing right, but these perishers are driving me up the wall, because they seem to be un-killable, so any help would be appreciated.

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