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  1. anyone given it a real go yet? im just starting on it
  2. piggypnk14

    What does an Angel do in their spare time?

    wow very nice achievements!
  3. piggypnk14

    Cody Michael's Skill Log

    welcome back man, i just refound this forum. I quit for rs for a while then came back sorta, now im back for good! lets keep the momentum going!
  4. piggypnk14

    Piggy's Goals!

    Years later heres an update. I dont remember most of my goals on this thread in particular but I know i wanted 99 fishing and cooking. I got 99 cooking first from the fishing, got 99 fishing a few weeks later. Mining and smithing were also on there im sure, they are my most recent 99s. Im currently working on 99 herb and crafting, i should be getting both in the next few weeks if not sooner. I also have more than 20m. Hahaha as i look back i was a total noob, then again taht was over 8 years ago when i made these goals. Anyways if anyone wants to post here again feel free! I think i was around 1k total back then, when it was actually hard to get that high.
  5. piggypnk14

    Piggy's Goals!

    thanks, im going to do some trawler so i can kbd and train with better food
  6. piggypnk14

    Piggy's Goals!

    thanks guys ill finish post later, im close lvl wise but im like half way xp wise. I used to be better trying to get back to that point. I was 20% combat xp im like 50% now or something high
  7. piggypnk14

    Piggy's Goals!

    Piggypnk14's goals! Introduction I have had many goal threads on my clan forums, the trouble is that i always leave the clan. Well now i have one to stay. I've always been called a good skiller but i dont believe i am. These goals are just not just skills they are also combat. No skiller is truely great unless they are good at combat too. Its about time i do some of both. Im also doing a cash goal, i have always spent money on items and on skills but i like having it. I do plan to complete all these goals. Goals! Also i want 20mill cash Starting stats Right now i am: Fishing sharks get food to train with and food for cooking Supporters Since i cant get items in rs anymore for free what you can do is help keep the thread alive and help keep me going. haha none atm If you would like to talk me plz join #xsp in irc chat, if not i hang around world 65. Ill be in my clan chat sometimes too so check there Still making just dont wanna lose what ive done
  8. piggypnk14

    The Crimson Guard

    CLAW lol hey i still have ur longsword ty the hacker didnt take it. Gl with ur clan
  9. piggypnk14

    Guardians Of Glory Offical Recruitment Topic

    latios u still owe me 60k!!!!!!pay me back!!!! but why did u start a new thread and Angry bob founded the first GOG not u guys it was Nick and Pred

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