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  1. Should I use a local account or Microsoft account to log into Windows 8?
  2. Mr Summers

    New PC

    fudge I gotta clean up my cables. They're a mess and I feel like shizzle after looking at your build. Nice case and and nice specs!
  3. Mr Summers

    just got mbp

    HandBrake: Converts pretty much any media file into a format usable by whatever device you want to put it on. Tembo: Adds a couple of nice categories to Spotlight. Makes it even easier to find stuff. Enjoy your new Mac! Oh and I've heard most people say Growl is still a lot better than ML notifications. The baked in notifications are very much v1.0.
  4. Mr Summers

    Useless Olympic sports

    20 seconds in, I don't think I could do half of what she did: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pz0SGK1QW8 Fact of the matter is, every single one of these sports takes skill and hardwork. watching a minute of Rythmic Gymnastics you can tell you need to be flexible and really agile to do well.
  5. Mr Summers

    What To Do About Global Warming

    Frontline did a great documentary about the state of Nuclear power in the US a little while back: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/nuclear-aftershocks/ It's extremely informative if you're into this kind of stuff. I think the bigger danger is that there are some power plants situated on fault lines and geologically active zones that were built in the 60's. Old ass technology on an possible earthquake zone = mass hysteria.
  6. Mr Summers

    2012 Election Thread

    Does the US have a law that bans corporation/ businesses from donating? Okay, I'm guessing that's too far fetched, is there at least some sort of a cap? I recall McCain proposing some sort of campaign contributions cap for businesses
  7. Mr Summers

    Pc Vs. Mac

    People wrote, and still write for Windows because MS is a software company and it understands how to do software tools, SDK's etc. They have a developer conference litterally every month somewhere in the world. They keep their people in the loop, because they know that's what makes their platform valuable. In the day of tech buzzwords, MS is often left out, but people forget Windows still has more applications and application developers than iOS, Android, OSX, and Linux combined. And I don't know if I'm a fan of the OSX UI anymore, it's been getting incredibly cheesy, especially with the Lion release. Leather, torn paper etc. It just doesn't seem consistent and clean anymore. There's no continuity from application to application. Also I've been trying out Windows 8 and one thing that's frustrating me incredibly when I go back to Mountain Lion is that we still don't have a volume mixer for each application, It's almost as disappointing as Windows lack of a Virtual desktop like Spaces.
  8. Mr Summers

    Pc Vs. Mac

    >implying Microsoft isn't Microsoft is far superior to Apple. For starters, just look at Apple's war with pretty much every other company in regards to their patents (which are fudgeing ridiculous, F U 'MURICA). They banned the Samsung Galaxy Tab (pretty sure) because it looked too close to an iPad and some other minor software issues (which are also fiddlesticks). It's just disgusting. Obviously you like to pretend the '90s never happened, where Microsoft tried to force its standards on the entire computing industry. Hell, they still try. And they got royally fudgeed. Unfortunately for them Windows is now a regulated monster, you can't even sell Windows in the EU with WMP (Its' a separate version). So paying a higher price for the same thing is equal to paying a lower price for the same thing? K. >implying Microsoft isn't Microsoft is far superior to Apple. For starters, just look at Apple's war with pretty much every other company in regards to their patents (which are fudgeing ridiculous, F U 'MURICA). They banned the Samsung Galaxy Tab (pretty sure) because it looked too close to an iPad and some other minor software issues (which are also fiddlesticks). It's just disgusting. Obviously you like to pretend the '90s never happened, where Microsoft tried to force its standards on the entire computing industry. Hell, they still try. Granted most companies do wrongful things, however in my opinion Apple's current business is greedy (yes, corporation, I know) and disgusting. They upgrade their hardware every year with very little changed, their iOS 6 is already outdated and behind Jelly Bean, they believe everyone is copying them and they feel really threatened and are using their lawyers more than their engineers. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end for them. Also some examples of what you say Microsoft did? Just for curiosities sake. Well it's going on right now. Microsoft goes to Android manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, etc and is basically saying you're infringing on our patents, pay us. These companies are blackmailed into licensing these patents (which I don't think anyone has proven valid or otherwise), because the negative outcome is you get into a legal battle with Microsoft and none of these companies could survive that, financially, and on their reputation. I consider myself a bit of an MS fanboy, but they've done some bad shizzle. Also there is no "end" in sight for a company that has ~$100B in the bank.
  9. Mr Summers

    Pc Vs. Mac

    Half of them have Macs, the other half don't. And it's not like either one can't do what they're doing in this picture, it's just a matter of preference. Yes to be fair there were probably twice as many Thinkpads, which seem to be the defacto computer in engineering based work environments. A NASA engineer said that some of them are BYOD and some are JPL issued (the Macbooks), and that most of their work is done in a Linux/Windows environment. Also, a lot of them VPN/portal their way into a work environment so that's pretty platform agnostic. I just think it was funny to see that "Macs cant do work" argument countered b some of the smartest people in the world using them.
  10. Mr Summers

    Pc Vs. Mac

    If they're good enough for NASA, why aren't they good enough for you? ;)
  11. Mr Summers

    Shooting at Sikh temple 7 dead

    [Authoritive figure] Now is not the time to be discussing gun control [/Authoritive figure]
  12. Mr Summers

    Shooting at Sikh temple 7 dead

    Unfortunate. Sikhs have come on the wrong end of attacks after 9/11 because of some visual similarities between them and Muslims. Seems like fear, guns and not ignorance, but evil as we've seen with the CO shootings, are running rampant in America. This hits close to home because of the large Sikh population in my city, they are very generous people and their temple runs a 24/7 free food service where you are accepted regardless of race, religion, or social status. They are a very hard working people. Condolences.
  13. This country is supposedly "competing" with China. All I have to say is lol.
  14. Mr Summers

    Official Wow Thread

    If you've a friend who already plays and are interested in possibly playing with them later, ask him/her to recruit you for the summoning bonuses so you can play together. If you like it and want to level past level 20 (which you'll hit pretty fast if you like it lol), you can then buy the game. While you can level 1-85 completely solo, group content has its benefits and running with a friend in groups is always more fun than playing alone, in my opinion. :P This. IMO this game is basically no fun without friends playing with you. Also getting to 85 is comical now, you can hit it within 2 weeks with light playing.
  15. Mr Summers

    Guild Wars 2

    The first is alright, it's just average to be honest, there's no real reason to play it now though, the community is pretty much dead. GW2 will be the next best MMO, and will probably re-write the basic structure of future MMOs. Is this true? Because I've been hearing this since the Aion days.
  16. Mr Summers

    What's the Best Movie You've Ever Seen?

    Very favorite would be Blood Diamond Honorable mentions: Crash Remember the Titans, partly because the score is killer
  17. Mr Summers

    What To Do About Global Warming

    Apparently there is technology in the works that is very efficient and safe. The thing is that there's a incredibly negative stigma surrounding nuclear power. Most of the US plants are based on 60's technology and IIRC most construction has been cut down to essentially 0 for any new ones. Gates' plan would include having little to no human interaction with the production of power, no proliferation (big) and no waste.
  18. Mr Summers

    Cinema shooting in Denver, CO

    After the University shootings, this, and probably other gun related events that have happen and cannot remember, there will be nothing done. I can promise you this. The gun issue is something both Romney and Obama want to stay away from because it really is just a political mess.
  19. Mr Summers

    Cinema shooting in Denver, CO

    Well, there's already metal detectors in schools, natural progression would be to have them in every place of public gathering. The availability of guns in America is just fudgeing stupid. Condolences to the families. Senseless and stupid event.
  20. Mr Summers

    Pc Vs. Mac

    Yeap. It looks like it's going to be changing soon though:
  21. Mr Summers

    Pc Vs. Mac

    No he's right. Some hardware on the Windows Laptop side has been terrible for years. The touch-pad for example is a trillion times better on macbooks, they're bigger, support various multi-touch gestures, and are in general a pleasure to use.
  22. Technology is interesting because it really is just people trying their best to improve their lives. The act of learning, burning the midnight oil, and dedicating resources to create something, learn about something. The idea of technology is very endearing. Magic on the other hand doesn't have this. It's often direct, usually lacks any progression, etc. What the magic is is open to interpretation but the general idea I'm getting is, why improve ourselves if magic can already do what you want?
  23. Mr Summers


    Haha what. The US is ranked 17th in the world in healthcare quality. While it's not optimal it's hardly majority-world status. It gets better than that regionally. Places like Boston are ranked in the top 3 in terms of doctors, equipment and general care. There will be debate on both sides considering the intent of the bill. There are some things that are important in here, that should stick regardless. No HI denial if you've had a previous illness, and HI companies being faithful to their end of the agreement if things do end up going to shizzle.
  24. Mr Summers

    Chassis upgrade

    How safe is it to do what you did with the power cables on the video card? My video card is kind of bending on it's own wieght and I'd help support it with a PSU cable like you did, I'm just wondering if the cables would be damaged in in any way. It's an Antec PSU and 6950 card.
  25. Mr Summers

    Chemistry - LOTS of help needed.

    Bromine works, so does Potassium Permanganate. Positive test reveals unsaturation. There's also a whole lot of functional group tests like Tollens, Lucas, Potassium BiCarbonate. I think the biggest thing that makes transition metal different is that they don't have linear oxidation states (ie. Oxygen being -2 and Calcium being +2). That's about as much chemistry as I can remember

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