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  1. Hi, there, don't mind me, I'm just trying to keep in touch with the lingering remains of my runescape past.
  2. Strange power has to do with the Fremminiks. Go to lvl 11 eastern most wildy, and talk to the two fremmys who are guarding the entrance. They talk about the "strange power", and the evil that they are guarding within whatever the hell they are guarding.
  3. Jithin

    30 Million Runecrafting Experience!

    I got 20mill around last summer. Well considering there only a 6mill exp difference between 50 rank and mine, I would go and surpass them to take back #1. :) Lol, I haven't seen you in years.
  4. Took me a while 20mill rc^ Now and still forever, sal's #1 rcer! -.-
  5. I have a bout 500mill atm, so nothing new or different that I would do now. Just keep saving until I can buy every expensive item in the game and or until I can buy every 99 skill.
  6. Jithin

    97 Runecrafting

    Lol hi dude, I remember the time you had better rcing than me.=p gratz
  7. Jithin

    Candi & Smokey's Skill Log!

    Gratz on the rarest skill cape in runescape! -.- Sorry I couldn't make it candi, I am rarely on much nowadays.
  8. Jithin

    Nipple Piercing

    Daaammit, I was hoping you were a chick. -.- :)
  9. Sorry, not really scared of some virgin nerd living in his mom's basement making empty threats. He's just upset he can't get laid.
  10. Jithin

    *steals Thieving Skill Cape*

    Wtg, Candi!!! Sorry I couldn't make it. Get a purple phat to with the purple cape.
  11. Don't forget about me nub :) i'm about to overtake Chris if he is only at 400m although i don't play enough to get really high profits, about 500k-1m a day now only :D You kids got a long way to go before you pass me at 565mill.
  12. Jithin

    Dm Voting!

    Ummmmmm...not a good idea, flame wars are sure to ensue.
  13. Now and forever... Sal's #1 rcer.
  14. Jithin

    Candi & Smokey's Skill Log!

    Grr, what did you tell me yesterday? You said you were getting it on Tuesday!!! Anyways, grats on 93 rcing.
  15. Jithin

    Candi & Smokey's Skill Log!

    I can't believe I slept thru it. ^_^ Gratz on double nats, now go...ummm make double nats...yea that's it, double nats.

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