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  1. Seaconmorae

    Active Sals Members

    I'm here, only logged in a handful of times a month if that. Doubt anyone except for a few people remember me.
  2. She's not the prettiest, but I love her all the same. http://imgur.com/a/NZE4p
  3. Seaconmorae

    Moar Santa Hats

    Whatever you like please.
  4. Seaconmorae

    General Anime / Manga Discussion Thread

    I haven't even watched it since like episode 6. Understandable. It's about of the same quality as the second half if season 1. I beg to differ. Second half of season 1 was immensely better.
  5. Seaconmorae

    General Anime / Manga Discussion Thread

    After you get through the halfway point, you may be disappointed. Halfway point is very disappoint. You could stop watching after that, and pickup second season no problems. It's that pointless.
  6. Seaconmorae

    Hey everyone :)

    Welcome to sales! In response to Guitarguy, stay away from any topics made about religion to have a good time! :)
  7. Seaconmorae

    Skill Competition 50 - Gathering

    I got wrapped up in other things over the weekend. Not like Ive gone no-life enough to make a challenge for you guys.
  8. Seaconmorae

    Skill Competition 50 - Gathering

    I second this motion.
  9. Seaconmorae

    Skill Competition 50 - Gathering

    Ahh ok, I read it wrong. Good to know.
  10. Seaconmorae

    Skill Competition 50 - Gathering

    Sign me up. I vote for agility. Are you gonna open a poll?
  11. Seaconmorae

    Is God a just judge?

    I find it interesting how he didn't respond to part 2 of that.

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