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  1. SouthOfNowhere

    Lending Items For Money

    2mil is to much, I'm looking to lend it not buy it and I was thinking more around the price range of 100-200k. Thanks Jethraw I didn't know that :D
  2. SouthOfNowhere

    Lending Items For Money

    - Dragon Fire Shield - Bandos Tassets - Bandos Chestplate I am not sure what amount of money would be appropriate, so if you could offer that would be great. :D Pick from the list, tell me the number of hours you wish to use it and the amount of money you'd like to offer. Of course only one person at a time and one item at a time. Thank you
  3. SouthOfNowhere

    Req. 93 Construction.

    Anyone have it? It's for an effigy. Please.
  4. SouthOfNowhere

    Buying Vryewatch Legs For 5k

    Title says it all. I know you can buy it in Meiyerditch but I haven't started the quest, tried Ge so far nobodys selling. It's around 900 gp and I'm offering 5k. Pleasee ;D
  5. SouthOfNowhere

    1069 Blue Gloves

    Hey guys, I'm selling 1k+ of blue gloves at min price. It would be easier to pm me on runescape xDareToDream or just leave a message here. And you don't have to buy it in bulk but I would prefer it. Thanks.
  6. SouthOfNowhere

    Buying Snape Grass

    Name says it all I need 520 as soon as you can get it, and I'm paying max price possibly even more. MSG me on here or on RS if you wish to sell it. Thanks
  7. SouthOfNowhere

    Selling Zammy Plate

    Selling a zamorak plate for the minimum price in ge. Depending on what your trade limit will allow I will sell it for as less as possible, I just wanna get some of my cash back. Thanks
  8. SouthOfNowhere

    What Is This Item Called?

    Hey guys, I wanted to buy this thing that i've seen people carrying quite a bit, I want to get 99 fishing so I was wondering what the brown fishing rod is called and where I can get it, people hold it in one hand over the shoulder. I don't know if that is descriptive enough but tell me if you know. And it's not a barb-tailed harpoon it looks exactly like a fishing rod. Thanks
  9. SouthOfNowhere

    Buying Planks

    Okay so i'm buying 1k regular planks for maximum price in the GE
  10. SouthOfNowhere

    Buying An Obsidian Shield

    Nvm, bought it at ge
  11. SouthOfNowhere

    Buying A Zamorak Plate Skirt

    I already bought the skirt from the ge. Thanks anyways
  12. SouthOfNowhere

    Shield Of Arrav

    I was wondering if anyone has yet to complete Shield of Arrav, where you need two players to finish the quest. I'm looking for someone to do it with me. I did the phoenix gang and already have half the shield and the storage key. It's the only F2P quest I haven't accomplished and I would like to get on with my members quests. I don't care about the prize you can have it and I'll give you the maximum GP limit on your trade. My runescape name is Anonymouz4 Post on here or msg me in the game Thanks
  13. SouthOfNowhere

    401 Harpoons (close)

    If your still looking for those harpoonns, I'll do it

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