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  1. wow what an episode i would like to claim an nft to hang up in my digital chinatown hovel in the metaverse
  2. yelo

    I miss you all

    i am high as hell dying laughing reading the Sals Realm wiki rn http://salsrealm.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page this place was so much fun, I hope everybody is doing well with their lives
  3. yelo

    I miss you all

    breed me
  4. yelo

    Random Fun Memories

    i spent my entire time at sals in an oxygenated cube filled with mescaline i dont have any memories
  5. yelo

    look im on the youtubes!!!

    grats man ~~yelo
  6. why did my daddy leave me

  7. yelo

    look im on the youtubes!!!

    habitat bast tat
  8. yelo

    f u kwinten

    the door is here -------------> []
  9. yelo

    Apparently my account is 8 years old

    y dont you go crack an egg and beat it
  10. yelo

    I am Adam?'s real life sister

    does he have big but
  11. yelo

    Open your eyes

    if we were a movy youd be the right guy and id be the best friend that u fell in lvoe with in the end wed be laughing watching the sunset fade to black
  12. yelo

    life is a stage

    smoke weed until u die - wilma rudolph
  13. Recently (as of 5/2/13 apparently) I've been unable to download anything from the internet, regardless of the browser I'm using. When I attempt to download a file, the download is prompted and it tells me that the file has been saved to the folder, but when I look in my downloads folder it is not there. When I attempt to search for the file, it comes up but it asks me to locate it, which I cannot since it is not in the download folder. Some visuals to help out: Firefox said it downloaded! When I search for it with Vista's built in search function But when I click on it it asks me to locate it in my downloads folder, but my last successful download was May 2nd help greatly appreciated
  14. Yep it leads to the Downloads folder where I was looking
  15. yelo

    if u want to play with me on 2007scape

    my name is vcardburglar ~~~piece~~~ - yellow
  16. she dips beneath her lasers she hasnt trapped me and sean connery
  17. yelo


    when ur hanging out with ur buddies after a good hot shower in nothing but ur garments and ur friend rico taps you on the leg and u look into eachothers eyes and the whole world stops moving and terroism is gone that my friend is love
  18. yelo

    Won 14 days membership

    grats man
  19. yelo

    You Thought We Would Stay Silent?

    f the patriarchy check your privilege #yelo
  20. yelo

    Sal's Poetry Competition

    girl u stank take a bath girl pull ya pants up smell just like a garbage can -Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

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