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  1. I'll just let it rot then, it doesn't really matter. Thanks for the help though.
  2. I was just wondering if it is at all possible to have my Sal's Forum account deleted. If so, do I need to contact someone in particular in order to get it deleted?
  3. none

    Do You Feel Sorry For Rihanna?

    If a woman deserves to be hit, then what needs to be done should be done. Now, I did not read the actual story of what happened, so I am completely unaware and if you want to say so, ignorant, of the event. I figured that because she was bitten, she had probably done something really bad which got Chris Brown to do what he had done. Additionally, I'd like to point out that hitting someone for a certain action can be justifiable. It may not be moral, but it's justifiable. Wow. All I have to say is that I hope no girl ever wants to be with you or someone like you. And if someone does get with you, I hope they get out once they realize how insane you are. No one EVER deserves to be hit. A woman should not hit her boyfriend/husband and a man should not hit his girlfriend/wife. I'd say something's seriously wrong with you if you think abuse is okay at any time.
  4. none

    Hardest Quest

    Summer's End and While Guthix Sleeps were definitely the most frustrating for me. About 99% of the quests were frustrating for me, but those were the worst. I always manage to screw up during quests. >_<
  5. none

    Can You Feel It?

    No, I've personally never touched Itt.
  6. none


    Not anymore since I woke up and began living the life I had before I became a pervert.
  7. none

    Your Worst Brain Farts.

    Worst, I'm not sure, but I get brain farts at work all the time. D: I'll be counting out someone's change or I'll even just be going to go clean something and I'll just have to stop and think because I forgot what I was doing.
  8. none

    Do You Feel Sorry For Rihanna?

    Since it was so public, no. Of course if he were beating the crap out of her and no one knew about it, but she stayed with him because she felt like there was no way out, yes, I'd feel really sorry for her. Since the whole thing is so public, she should have had no problem getting and staying out of the relationship. In my opinion, she's just stupid and doesn't seem to have much self-respect.
  9. none


    Funny you mention it, once I saw the topic title I started singing that song. There's obviously a lot more to life than girls, just like there's a lot more to life than boys (hobbies, education, etc.). But I'm not understanding why we wouldn't be "worth it". Of course you'll have your bad relationships, but you just have to find the right person for yourself.
  10. none

    Actuall Proof!

    How can you notice it for a very long time, when it's around for like a week? -image- From the RuneScape wiki That's the old dance. It was still easily recognizable for me. Same for me. I didn't understand everyone all of a sudden talking about "Thriller" now. I just assumed everyone else noticed with the old version of the emote.
  11. none

    How Many Warts Have You Had?

    I put 6, but now that I'm thinking about it, it's probably more. I used to have some on my feet and hands as a kid. Then I had two on my feet and two on my fingers kind of recently. They're all gone now though. I don't think it made much of a difference for my family. D: We're all pretty hygienic, but we've all had more than one wart. Even my dad, who's kind of OCD (he washes his hands all the time and has sanitary wipes in the car in case he has to touch a door handle or something), has had a couple warts.
  12. none

    Being Single.

    I'm loving being single again. I've been single about a month and a half so far and ever since I broke up with my ex I've been 1,000 times happier. Definitely in no rush to be in another relationship.
  13. Probably somewhere around 10 or so. I've known quite a few people, but I highly doubt most remember me.
  14. none


    I make mistakes during quests ALL the time. It's just a part of questing for me now.

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