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  1. wheezerslash

    Pics Of Yourself!

  2. wheezerslash


    yes, and yes. tbh I'm dead now.
  3. wheezerslash

    Should Northern Ireland Be Under Irish Control.

    bump because I feel like it.
  4. wheezerslash

    The Second Amendment

    machete's are illegal in many towns of MA.
  5. wheezerslash


    communism just like all political systems have flaws. you cant please all people. Zionism, is actually forbidden in the Torah (say my jewish friends)
  6. wheezerslash

    Should Soft Drugs Be Legalized?

    it is only deadly in massive doses, such as buying 5 caffeine pills, then running about, then riding your bike.
  7. wheezerslash

    Was The First Moon Landing Faked?

    arguments can be made on both sides. im on in the middle. i can see why we faked it. to make it look like communism is weak, and capitalism is god! just remember the American government does alot of things that are very twisted.
  8. wheezerslash

    Mosquito Ringtone?

    im 16 and i can only here 12, and under (i think 12 was 49 and over) then again i have really bad ears due to loud music.
  9. wheezerslash

    Is The United States A Good Country?

    if you want fixed elections looks at almost any communist country.
  10. wheezerslash

    The Second Amendment

    I'm PRETTY SURE that they didn't have 12-shots magazines in 1783.i think a metal slug would kill much faster than a 9mm round. also bayonets are illegal. they did not use those either? I don't see why you can't shoot people who look suspect, either, just to be safe...pre-emptive security, you know, one's got to be safe. You're safe with a gun only if you can shoot well with it. If you can't, you're an even bigger danger...and if an emergency should arise, you would only miss the criminal starting the shooting, possibly hitting someone else, or just attracting the madman's attention and Charles Darwin would have one hell of a laugh.ok then, lets say your in your house sleeping a robber comes in. what if he comes in your room with a gun. what will you do? say "ill call 911! they will be here soon!" yeah thats much safer than having a gun. Perhaps my dictionary is unamerican, but "well-regulated militia" does not mean "everyone should have weapons", because an untrained shooter is FAR more dangerous than a madman as explained above. but what how can a militia defend there home with a 9mm pistol that has under a 12 clip mag? Plus, people don't NEED to smuggle guns. People WANT to smuggle guns, and I'll be happy if those people you know get thrown in jail until their fingernails touch the ground while standing. oh? ok then i want to see were you can buy an M4A1 rifle in MA, oh wait rapid fire guns are BANNED. guns with clips with over a cell 12 rounds are BANNED. hell airsoft guns are illegal to handle out doors (with red tips) even if you have an FID, it will take about 5-6 months to get your paperwork done even for a glock 9mm.
  11. wheezerslash

    Is The United States A Good Country?

    America started off as an amazing place. it was full of freedom. since then the governments has been taking over the people's freedom piece by piece. the first amendment reads "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." and yet you can be arrested for merely saying you support a organization on the American terror list. so really at this time i am a felon. if the fathers of America were alive today, they would cry at what has happened to this country.
  12. wheezerslash

    Felons In America

    i know my view will not be looked highly upon, but it is my view. i say arm the people (not the criminals) im sure that would free up prison space, and deal with those people at the same time.
  13. wheezerslash

    The Second Amendment

    First this is what the second amendment says. "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." i know many people in Militia's (for many causes, some i do not say) who need to smuggle guns, or arms whatever you would like to call them, because they are illegal. it is illegal to buy a magazine clip for a handgun that has a holding cell of 12 rounds and over in MA. (which is ironic because MA had militias that won many key battles of the American revolution.) people say no gun zones are safe, but really in my mind all that does is tell the criminal "hey, no guns here ill be able to get something." if you want to be safe i don't see why you cant carry a gun. i have been around guns since i was born. i was born and raised on a military base in Tennessee until i was 7, now i live in Massachusetts. Also you never here of a madman shooting up a NRA, or gun show. why? because the people would be able to protect themselves with there guns. thoughts? oh yes, i do believe the second amendment is dead, and the first is dying. soon America will not be America.
  14. wheezerslash

    Some Photos..

    what kind of camera are you using? the focus point, is non existent.
  15. wheezerslash

    Your Deepest Darkest Secrets

    i looked up loli, and have some saved.

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