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  1. This occurred on world 1 at G.E. What type of hat is that and how did they do that? EDIT: sorry if this is in the wrong place.
  2. it does to me. why cant jagex make make it were only f2p skills are available on skill capes in f2p.
  3. U.S. football: New Orleans Saints Haha take that Steelers fan above!! we just owned you guys. great game though. U.S.: i don't watch soccer International soccer (football): I don't watch Hockey: We don't have that down here and I don't watch Baseball: Anybody, i don't care. Most likely to watch and cheer for: Lsu Tigers Ncaa Football: Lsu Tigers. Geaux tigers
  4. the worst thing i ever lost would be when i went into the wilderness and a rev came and killed me and i lost 1mill, a full set of guthix. no i didn't get it back. =(
  5. i feel the same way. im sad that all my friends have quit and im just starting. if only i would have been older and known about runescape.
  6. i thought the bone broach would be a stupid item. im really angry that it won.
  7. i have it! cowboys from hell- Pantera
  8. im guessing oktoberfest is a made up thing for rs? i have never heard of oktoberfest before.
  9. im confused. what do we have to do? Edit: someone just tell me the answer!!! im stumped and im getting angry!!
  10. i have no clue how this beats a dead person but who cares.
  11. Not if you have the rocket launcher, or if you shoot the launcher and the guy with the hammer redirects the missile.
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