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  1. troacctid

    Egghebrecht Leaves Runescape Over Squeal of Fortune

    Uh...three years, but yes. And yes.
  2. troacctid

    Hiscores February 1st 2012

    It's almost frightening how OCD you are about this. O_O
  3. troacctid

    What I Don't Like About Summoning.

    Since August 17, 2011 With the amount of gp it takes to summon a familiar for an hour, you can fire a cannon for maybe 45 seconds? Ish? Depending on where you set it up. So...yeah...
  4. troacctid

    What I Don't Like About Summoning.

    Also, did you not know you can bring familiars into the GE? Because you can bring familiars into the GE.
  5. troacctid

    What I Don't Like About Summoning.

    I suspect you're underrating the lower-level combat familiars. Cuz they're actually good. Your basic Spirit Jelly hits up to 100 on its normal attacks. Now imagine how much you'd have to pay to get equipment that would boost your strength enough to raise your max hit by 100. I'll give you a hint: a zerker ring, full Bandos, and whip vine--combined--would raise your max by about half that much.
  6. troacctid

    Vanstrom Klause Is Dead! (and I Have 90+ In All Skills)

    You're really worked up about this, aren't you?
  7. troacctid

    My Not-so-humble Abode.

    Build Batman.
  8. troacctid

    Hate Vanstrom Klause; Love My Friends

    Polypore staff is actually worth less than 2m right now, but it's still very nice of him. Incidentally, you should be burning every 50 corpses so that you can kill the vyres faster. It's quicker than saving up hundreds to burn in one go because you get the combat benefits sooner.
  9. troacctid

    Hiscores December 1st 2011

    Did you know that war tortoise pouches give less xp than terrorbird pouches? It's true. For whatever reason, their xp is like chopped in half compared to what it should be. They're one of the worst ways to use your golds; it's better to make terrorbirds, barker toads, or arctic bears.
  10. troacctid

    Cooking And Thieving Type Girl

    You shouldn't be fishing sharks or rocktails because they're both very inefficient ways of feeding yourself. Especially for slayer, where you don't even need that much healing. Lobsters are 98 gp. Just buy them. You can get like 14 lobsters for the price of a shark. If you're catching baron sharks, that's a different story. Baron sharks are shiny golden nutritious delicious treats, ideal for, I dunno, fighting bosses or something.
  11. troacctid

    Enriching Convicious: How Do You Make Your Gp?

    Morchella mushrooms are good profit. Well duh. Just like some slayers don't slay with a dragon longsword, some firemakers don't burn willow logs, and some fletchers don't spin their own bowstrings. Because allotments and flowers are a waste of time. They're crappy xp and crappy profit and they suck away your juju timer so you get fewer herbs. Also, herb harvests don't scale with your level, at least not in any noticeable way. Average harvest is pretty much the same at 99 as it is at 62. Veggies and hops might have a noticeable scaling effect, but since nobody plants those at high levels, I guess the world will never know.
  12. troacctid

    One Piercing Note

    Merch Gwyar you silly. Use the world map. ;)
  13. troacctid

    The Canting Citadel Was Saved!

    Green head count = Safe, and you can upgrade to the next citadel tier. Yellow head count = Safe, but you can't upgrade to the next citadel tier. Red head count = INCOMING DILAPIDATION ZOMG LOOK OUT
  14. troacctid

    First Proper Canting Away Chronicle Is Out

    The Twitter account needs to have an actual avatar and not just a blank egg. I assume you just use the green hat, yes?
  15. troacctid

    The Varrock 1337 Prayer Slayer! Woot!

    What, no Turmoil? Pff, n00b.

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