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  1. Winner372


    Niagara University here!
  2. Winner372


    wow that is real old. Brings me back to when i was in middle school!
  3. (x+3y)^9 Find The 4th Term In This Expansion
  4. Winner372

    Jogging/ Working Out Or Both?

    start running. But beware of injury if you never have been physically active in sports teams stretch before and after you run to prevent injury. Gradually pick up miles each week as well to prevent injury. Don't just go from 1 mile one day to 7 miles the next day. YOU WILL GET INJURED THAT WAY! It may seem hard at first but don't give up. Use running music as well to stimulate yourself. Some good songs i use are Let's get it started - Black eyed peas Pump it - black eyed peas Heart of a champion - Nelly Turn it up - Chamillionaire Remember the name - Fort Minor Hey ya - Outkast (?) I made it - Kevin Rudolph Lose Yourself - Eminem running will become very easy to you. If your not already in sports, you should do XC (cross country) if your school has it.
  5. Winner372

    Legalizing Marijuana

    They will do anything to get money, the British did it to the Chinese, except with opium. okay u can stop being a smartass. We are talking about the average use of each human. so about 4 to 5 beers vs. 1 to 2 bowls of weed (8 to 10 hits). which one will be stronger? the weed...
  6. Winner372

    Legalizing Marijuana

    Do you not know how many scandals are going on right now in the government that we don't know about? and a bad decision can lead to death very easily. Okay I worded that wrong, smoking has a bigger EFFECT on the body then drinking. It only takes me 4 to 5 hits before my mind is surging and i get hungry/sleepy. Either way, your helping my argument against that other dude
  7. Winner372

    Your Favorite Banned Members

    the only banned members i can think of are zombiekid90 (who got banned from both forums lol) and beeboy.
  8. Winner372

    Legalizing Marijuana

    You would be surprised by how corrupt the government could get by addicting people onto marijuana, the government says they will filter it, but in reality don't or put more addictive drugs into it. Alcohol DOES kill people, going above a BAC level of .08% is illegal where i live (New York) and going above .1% is dangerous. A beer, which is the least alcoholic drink has a BAC .02%. Although cops strictly enforce the drinking/driving laws, there are still many deaths from alcohol. Smoking pot is just as dangerous as Drinking. The difference is that drinking makes you lose some self control (depending on the person), and smoking doesn't. Yeah smoking has a bigger impairment effect then alcohol but both of them have it. When congress banned prohibition in the 1920s, saloons (hidden bars) popped up everywhere, and many more drinkers emerged. It is the same way with marijuana. that third part just doesn't make sense to me. People do drive behind the wheel when their high. and some others don't because when you get high, you get hungry, lazy and sleepy.
  9. avatar 6/10, not sure what its suppose to resemble. funny? sig 5/10 i like the gained xp one. without that i woulda rated 2/10
  10. Well heres mine rate it. please be harsh and tell me how I can make this better
  11. Winner372

    How Sexy Is The Above Poster?

    im turned on baby
  12. Winner372

    What Do You Think Of The Last Poster?

    he looks like he can kick iron mans butt 10/10
  13. Winner372

    Guess What Sal's?

    this is alredy a song, h/o lemme find a link
  14. what can i say for myself:)

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