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  1. PaladinPker

    Hai Guys

    I will try to be more social with you guys since I'm done school for the summer and stuffs. Still no time for RS though; gotta work like no other. Dat 250k education bill. Anyways, I'm done with high school and will be moving away to college soon. I miss (most of) you guys. So I'll probably be hanging around the forums and blogs a bit nowadays. Also, what is up with this brony stuffs? And Micael: I'm sorry about Benfica :P
  2. I hate when girls tell me they like me. It takes all the fun out of the chase.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Arianna


      I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but...

    3. Kemosabe


      having a national rugby team that's good ain't one.

    4. Arianna


      Oh come on we improved a lot in the last few years :(

  3. PaladinPker


    Yeah, I hear EoC absolutely murdered the PvP aspect of the game as a whole. Personally, I have neither the time nor interest to pay to play for 07scape and start an account from scratch; I might bother with a mauler or 60 attack 1 defense if I have some time later in the year, before college.
  4. PaladinPker

    Runescape 2007 1 Defence Pure Guide

    Neither 11 nor 52 prayer are viable prayer levels - those should be 13 and 53, respectively.
  5. PaladinPker

    If you could sleep with anyone for 24 hours

    There is too much epeen on this thread. Also how has nobody said Emma Watson yet
  6. PaladinPker

    Melee Training in EoC

    I remember red spiders and ice warriors to be aggressive, maybe this has changed Ice warriors are but they're not melee weak; red spiders are not.
  7. "Salmoneus moved Melee Training in EoC to General RuneScape Discussion" YES FEWER SUBFORUMS WOOHOO

    1. Sobend


      EOC subforum is now 2007 forum though.

    2. Salmoneus


      Same number of subforums. :P

  8. PaladinPker

    Melee Training in EoC

    Are there ANY aggressive monsters in free play not in the wilderness? At all? Seriously just contemplating training on hellhounds; that's how bad it is. I'd need some defense first though...
  9. PaladinPker

    Melee Training in EoC

    At Moss Giants with Momentum; not very fast but I'm not doing anything either so I mean... I'm not going to consciously put effort into the game (other than to reset aggro/momentum every 10 minutes) until like April at the earliest. Considering using range to train defense at lessers. Is a shortbow still effective even if they have a "bolt" weakness? Or is a sighted shieldbow (wtf?) better?
  10. PaladinPker

    Melee Training in EoC

    This answer was sufficient for me; what the heck I'll try it again for a bit. Logging in now xD Ruining my pure D:
  11. Honestly the main reason I'd come back is because I have an account with the name "Scaper" LOL Also because I'm going to be really bored really soon and I'd give it a spin simply to see all of you lovelies again. Okay, so: 1) Training melee in f2p: Where to do it? I hear deadly red spiders are good? I'd be training... *gasp* defense. And attack, probably. Can't be bothered to train strength until I'm p2p with a chaotic maul, I think. 2) What kind of gear would we be talking here? Rune 2h? With full adamant, I assume (because I sort of have 42 defense... in fact, to recalibrate for those of you who are not aware, my stats are: 78 (or is it 80...) attack 96 (I think...) strength 42 defense 90? hp 99 range 96? magic 74 prayer Yeah I'm bad at this whole "knowing my own stats" thing 3) Is range a viable way to train defense now, or is it still a terrible way? 4) In fact, can somebody just outline exactly how the EoC works? 5) Is "afk" or "minimum attention" training still possible (although not particularly efficient, I know), or do I have to use abilities just to attack at all? Wow I feel like such a noob.
  12. PaladinPker


    Buy a white just to say you have one, imo. Especially if you don't really want to come back; it would be cool. Also you didn't give me any geepees :c jk I quit.
  13. PaladinPker

    2007Scape Subforum

    Guys, let's be totally honest here. We have too many forums and subforums as is, the activity here is so stagnant. One look at the front page tells me that Marketplace, PvP (*SOB*), and Runewise are all practically useless. Events, EoC, and Suggestions haven't been used in over 72 hours. Only 17 members are currently online. The purpose of subforums is so that people don't have to sift through a massive number of topics to get to the subject they want. For instance, if there were 100 topics made in the last day, and 30 of those were on 07, then somebody wishing to read or answer 07 questions would have to look at all 100 topics to answer those 30, and a subforum would be warranted. If, however, there were only 10 topics made in the last day, and 3 of those were on 07, it would take somebody wishing to read or answer 07 questions like 30 seconds to look over the 10 headings and open up the 07 ones. Honestly, unless activity picks up drastically sometime between now and the end of time, I can't possibly foresee anything that would warrant its own subforum on this forum, ever. Personally, I'd throw EoC, Suggestions, Marketplace, and maybe even PvP (*SOB* again) as subforums to General Discussion. We have too many subforums as is. And yes, I am aware that I am reversing my stance from the time I asked them to split the PvP forum hahahaha.

    1. Guitarguy




      It appears that Leo Crimson, Fabio, and Tabt upvoted (or just really liked) various posts of his. Not that there's anything wrong with that; the same happened but with downvotes before :P

    2. PaladinPker


      I'm not appalled, just impressed. I always thought it was unfair that he have negative rep anyways; he's not a bad guy.

    3. Mohorak


      He started out as a minor troll. Not the kind that kidnap princesses or anything, just the kind that hang out under the bridge and make it smell bad.

  15. According to my page, Byahh visited my page on February 21st. BYAHH WHERE YOU AT


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