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  1. Naota

    Irc Chat For Sals?

    I still think there should be an IRC for sals. It's easier and faster to talk, and not type. i think you are confusing IRC with something else... I'd like a sals IRC chat, I used to use IRC a lot. I thought we promised to never go down this road
  2. Naota

    Wait... Wat

    So I was browsing forums while listening to music via foobar2k when my monitor turns black and then displays "Frequency out of range" message. I press the restart button on my computer and now it won't even show BIOS anymore. I think my video card just died on me. Anyone have a spare PCIx-16 card that they don't need?
  3. Naota

    Wait... Wat

    Computer was 10 years old. If it were only that easy. You see, when you can't see your screen you can't really change much. Especially when the BIOS doesn't even show up.
  4. Naota


    And then theres this guy... Anyways. Pretty much that guy you linked to doesn't know much about computers. Most video cards these days take 200W on their own.
  5. Naota

    Is This Kid Serious

    Sounds like papers they give to people to make them feel better about themselves. We should just post all test scores publicly on some school bulletin.
  6. Naota

    Remove Flood Control

    20 seconds isn't that bad. If you are really having that problem then maybe you need to put more into your posts and not make one word posts with multiple tabs open. Also, when my internets start lagging and I accidentally click the Post button twice, it prevents me from double posting. I do not support.
  7. Naota

    League Of Legends

    I love fighting against Shyvana as Sona. THE LOLZ OF MY ULT OH MAN Shyvana used her ult to chase me down and 2 of them were following her (total: 3 enemies vs Sona, I'm Sona). I see Trynd running down on the map to "try" and save me. Bust my ult in 3 of their faces, watch them dance while Trynd chops chops chops a double kill (would have been triple but I took one) EDIT: Wow the new patch is going to nerf ALL my main characters. The f***??
  8. Naota

    New Xbox Dashboard Pics

    Ugly. Xbox will never get it right :(
  9. Naota

    Yahoo Answers Is Ftw.

    i dont get it Husband looks at porn without incognito mode. Shows up as recently visited. Wife inquires internet. Random dude saves ass all over. And he becomes a goddamn hero. So the wife could google for "how to make a sandwich" And wife finds out because it is so well-known now :( Why did the man install internet in the kitchen, I dare ask so the wife could google, "how to make a sandwich"
  10. Naota

    The Awesome Forces Of Awesome

    Pfft. I'm a genius.
  11. Naota

    50 Cent Gets "bottle'd" Off Stage

    Back in the 80s rappers were thrown off stage if they sucked.
  12. Naota

    League Of Legends

    There's 10 free champions a week. It rotates per week. Some champions stay, some don't.
  13. Naota

    Internet Filter Assistance

    There's a really easy way to get past the school filter. Find the filter box (it's a server) and then plug in behind it. (note: this is actually really hard)
  14. Naota

    Congratulations To The 200th Member

    WOOT I didn't make it!
  15. Naota

    I've Finally Made It Big

    lol 'heck'
  16. Naota


    Close. High school introduces you to the social ladder.
  17. Naota

    200th Member Voting

    Just like being a DM
  18. Naota

    What Girls Don't Understand

    PLEASE CENSOR BEFORE GIRLS READ THIS AND FIND OUT (even though the joke is old)
  19. Naota

    Sal's Realm On Facebook

    Sals also owns a pizza chain in California.
  20. I'm the GameMaster and the Player is... someone with a low IQ... This is ALMOST a copy/paste from. I just changed "Player" and "GM" from the original forms. Player: i have a problem with donating GM: Okay what's wrong? Player: i didnt get the email confirmation thing GM: We're having problems with our mail server right now. To fix this, open a support ticket in the control panel. Tell them your issue there. Player: okay. so what do i do? GM: Open a support ticket.. Player: where? GM: The control panel. You know what here... *insert URL* Player: thanx --Some time passes-- Player: so what do i put? GM: Put your email address and the receipt from PayPal. Player: how do I do that? GM: Copy/paste it over. Player: ok thx a lot gm bye. --Some more time passes-- Player: hey on this drop down list i dont see you --Special note: "Assign to specific GM?:" is what it says, then you pick a Game master to assign it to. Most leave it as "any"-- GM: That's because I'm not a a support GM. Player: oh. so who is? GM: The people on the drop down menu. Player: oh. okay. so how do i pick you? GM: You don't. I'm not a support GM. Just leave it as "any" if you don't know what to do. Player: so who do i pick? GM: "Any" Player: okaythx bye. I almost lost it at this point. I was doing an IRL facepalm.jpeg.
  21. Naota


    epic troll 10/10
  22. Naota

    My Brain Is Full Of ****

    not cool bro. you [CENSORED] so you scared the s**t out of me :(

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