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  1. Hi Sal. Yuan and Eggh says they are still IP banned. Yuan says he got IP banned when he posted "Test?", as he could not post in the mod board or send PMs. They can't tell you about it since they're banned.
  2. Un0

    Dani in Éire, part two

    Awh, I don't know if you have her on FB, she moved to Ireland to work for Google.
  3. Un0

    Dani in Éire, part two

    Say Hi to Red / Eilorendil for me if you so happen to run into her haha. She's in Ireland too :)
  4. There's this "LGB can turn straight" video thats pissing me off. I fudgeing hate Christians where I live.

    1. Guitarguy


      Praying the gay away has worked wonders for me. I can't even remember the last time I've sucked D.

    2. Bwauder


      Offer a program to cure them of their Hypocritism.

  5. That "You Don't Say?" campaign? I should print out the Psycho one to shove it in my bigot Counseling Ethics lecturer's face.

    1. Yuanrang


      Nothing good ever comes from taunting lecturers. :P

    2. Bwauder


      but alot of satisfaction comes from torturing them.

  6. Terry Prachett - One of my favourite authors whose books took me to another world. Rest in peace, I hope he got the dignified death he desired

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Arianna
    3. Yuanrang


      I have every single one as well, which depresses me greatly. I mean.. this is the guy that inspired me to learn English, and then later master it. His stories were... brilliant.

    4. Bwauder


      Great Author, will be sadly missed. He masde it to Oz on many occasions & i usually managed to see him.

  7. Going back to school part-time while working fulltime is the best decision I've made the whole of 2014 :)

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Mohorak
    3. Un0


      <3 Insane behavior by old friends is just what I miss. <3 y'all. <3

    4. Arianna
  8. Um, a friend of mine is a nurse and her stories are HILARIOUS.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Sobend


      Doctor Howard, Doctor Fine

    3. Shooter585


      My Dad is a doctor and he has funny stories too.

    4. Nitua


      I'll have to ask my friends mom for stories now.

  9. Un0

    Website font

    I find the current font to be hard to read as well. Most important thing is legibility in my opinion. :)
  10. Un0

    A young suicide

    "Smiling" depression. I've a hunch a couple of colleagues of mine suffer from it. Drastic drop in motivation compared to the past, coming in late when formerly always punctual, taking more leave than usual plus a few major stressful life events they've hinted about. It's sad she felt she was in so much pain that she saw death as the only way to end it. Like you say, she leaves behind people who care for her, even if she may have thought no one did or that she'd be a burden to them.
  11. Un0

    Useless pinned topics

    How about re-adding a bit of this section in the old FAQ? Updated the Photoshop link to point to https://creative.adobe.com/products/photoshop Where can I get a free version of Photoshop? Download a trial version from the Adobe Website Is there any other GFX program that's good but free? http://gimp.org/ The GNU Image Manipulation Program.
  12. Un0

    Gaming and Opportunity Cost

    Are you kidding? There were tournaments for call of duty in my schools. There were kids fighting over who has the highest score in zombie mode or whatever that is. It kind of is the cool thing for a lot of people. Very dependant on the game though. If I asked anyone if they had played an RTS game they'd question it as a real genre. Tournaments for games like DotA & Starcraft, and recently LoL are popular where I am at a national level too. It isn't confined to just schools. But then of course, it depends heavily on what game/game genre. RTS games (except Starcraft) aren't as popular, though certain asian MMORPGS are surprisingly popular. :o
  13. Un0

    facts about yourself

    I came to this site because I was searching for an Ernest the annoying Chicken guide. It was the board prior to this one and at that time, me and my siblings would take turns to play RuneScape. I bumped a lot and generally had no clue of Net etiquette in general. My first warns were from bumping and flaming/swearing. The first threat I ever got on a forum was this forum. Now I look back on it and laugh but back then I was pretty disturbed. I also developed an interest in graphics on this forum. I can remember the first Sig I made which abused some rendered effects in GIMP. I should have kept it to remind myself how far I've come in my chosen profession. :P My old opinions in the Debate Room make me wince, because my views are nearly completely opposite now haha.
  14. Un0

    Importance of a Higher Education

    It also depends a lot on what country you work in. For me, it is practically essential to have a degree to get a job which pays more than a certain amount per month. That is unless you're exceptional right out of the gate. When you haven't accumulated enough good quality relevant work experience for your education not to matter, your educational qualifications are a very strong prop. The worthiness of the skills gained in the degree itself, depending on major & institute of course, varies a lot. For instance, I work in graphic design. One could be self-taught and get good jobs due to the strength of one's portfolio. However, school still helps because fellow students and your teachers are possible contacts -- a network. Gotta say that the more and more college graduates there are in a market, the less value it holds. Then there's the chase for even higher qualifications etc. I still wouldn't say a college degree is worthless though.

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