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  1. Hot f'ing damn this was the read I didn't know I needed. Page 17 is too real
  2. This is the only active thread on here now, huh... :(
  3. That's life, you grow up, things change. A toast to the memories of old Zybez, my it rest in peace
  4. Another Patriot's SuperBowl? One can only hope.
  5. What was the name of those crosswords he liked, where the answers were usually puns or similar
  6. Neat to see some of the old folks still here. The don't die off easy huh. Where is everyone at in life now? I joined in middle school, I'm a few years out of college doing statistics and some light web development now. And I pretty much only play Dota and some casual Rocket League :P
  7. Ah shoot, all of you are still here? This place do much often or what's the vibe now?
  8. Howdy folks, I don't think i've been on here in ages. DSZ seems buried and dead, and I only remember a handful of the people I see on here. What's good? What's new?
  9. Id play How many drinks when Sal makes a post? Seems like he hasn't posted in literal years apparently
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