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  1. Entrility

    The last person to post here wins

    This is the only active thread on here now, huh... :(
  2. Entrility


  3. Entrility

    Zybez forums closing

    That's life, you grow up, things change. A toast to the memories of old Zybez, my it rest in peace
  4. Entrility

    Man it's been a while

    Howdy folks, I don't think i've been on here in ages. DSZ seems buried and dead, and I only remember a handful of the people I see on here. What's good? What's new?
  5. Entrility

    HAPPY 2018!

    Another Patriot's SuperBowl? One can only hope.
  6. Entrility

    Merry Christmas!

    Ho Ho Ho, Yo Yo Yo!
  7. Entrility

    Throwback to the Puzzlehunts

    What was the name of those crosswords he liked, where the answers were usually puns or similar
  8. Entrility

    Man it's been a while

    Neat to see some of the old folks still here. The don't die off easy huh. Where is everyone at in life now? I joined in middle school, I'm a few years out of college doing statistics and some light web development now. And I pretty much only play Dota and some casual Rocket League :P
  9. Entrility

    Man it's been a while

    Ah shoot, all of you are still here? This place do much often or what's the vibe now?
  10. Entrility

    Man it's been a while

    I see that! Looks pretty swanky!
  11. Entrility

    Ten Years

    And about 9 more days, I'll have been a member here for 10 years. It's too bad this place is outdated and fairly inactive, its one of the few communities I enjoyed. I was 13 when I first logged on to Sal's, and my how things change. ily all <3
  12. Entrility


    Id play How many drinks when Sal makes a post? Seems like he hasn't posted in literal years apparently
  13. The key to reviving the forums is to revive runescape
  14. Entrility

    Ten Years

    AGREE 1000x
  15. I lurk from time to time.
  16. Well, this is still alive, huh. And Adam? even came back recently!
  17. Entrility

    Sal's Yearbook

    Am I in the decade club yet?
  18. Entrility

    Poking my head in

    I haven't been on in a long time. Figured I'd see what's new. I see DSZ hasn't updated and activity seems to be down, which is unfortunate. What's good, who's still here that I might remember?
  19. Entrility

    Doto 2 Mafia: Night 4

    You guys know the rules. Players: 1) Lonely 2) Fake 3) Kamil 6) Gary Oak 7) bros before hoes 8) Adam? 5) Mano, a Melee Creep, disconnected Day 1 12) Entrility, a noob feeder, fed Day 2 10) Seaconmorae, denied Day 3 11) Tabt, a Mega-Ranged creep, killed by the Dire Night 3 9) Lilshu, aka Meepo, killed by the Radiant Night 3 4) Reepi, aka Carty the Catapult, denied Day 4 Game begins! Confirm that you got and understand your role pm, in the topic (by saying /confirm) in order for your vote to count. Editing is a nope. Posting opinions or info about the game if you are not a living player is not okay. Don't be a dick. Common sense. Most of all, HAVE FUN. 12 alive, 7 to lynch. Deadlines are tentative, activity extends them. If you do not post once every other day, I will bother the hell out of you until you do. Also note, if you are butthurt about getting vanilla townie, suck it up and play anyway! It'll still be a very fun game! Town wincon: You win when all threats to your ancient have been eliminated. Town is the Radiant.
  20. Entrility

    Doto 2 Mafia: Night 4

    Things that have happened, in this order: Finals week, fudgeton of studying Family stuff Qotsa concert lots of band practice (so I hear you're in a band... how tight are you?) visiting the girlfriend with a really large lack of internet won the megamillions for a total of 2 dollars I'm in a starbucks right now. I shall return to get this game finished around this weekend.
  21. Entrility

    Doto 2 Mafia: Night 4

    Hi guys, I'm sorry, I was eaten by a finals-induced coma. I still have one left, but I wanted to check in and make the next modscene really quick. Hooray! Reepi has been lynched. Reepi, aka Carty the Catapult, has been lynched Day 4. If you don't know his role, check this: It is now Night 4. Send actions asap!!
  22. Entrility

    Doto 2 Mafia: Night 4

    Deadline is Monday, but if you guys keep up the activity I'll let it run a little longer.
  23. Entrility

    Doto 2 Mafia: Night 4

    I can extend the deadline for the holiday if we want - I'm away till tomorrow still.
  24. Entrility

    Doto 2 Mafia: Night 4

    I'm only drawing attention to this because I always have it in my rules (long-version), and whenever I see it happen, the game is significantly less fun. Play mafia please.

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