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    My house, probably in front of my PC
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    I like all the skills; I also like slaying dragons, wandering aimlessly through the wilderness and other deadly places, making accounts that I never use, and other boring stuff.

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    Don't Care
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    magic at the moment
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  1. LF Ent

    How Am I Not Suprised..

    This is without a doubt the greatest topic I have ever read on Sals. EVAR.
  2. LF Ent

    Treasure Trail Db

    I got a clue that says "Speak to Hazelmere." He's on the peninsula thing east of Yanille. From him I got a challenge: "What is 19 to the power of 3?" It's 6859.
  3. When free trade was stopped, the Duel Arena became basically pointless since you can't make much money there anymore. But what if they made it so that, the closer your level was to your opponent's, the more money you could risk? That way, real world traders couldn't kill a level 3 and get the money they bought, but if you were to have an actual duel against someone close in power to you, you could actually make a profit. Would that work?
  4. LF Ent

    Do You Have A Deviant Art Account?

    http://lf-ent.deviantart.com/ Behold my mechanical lunchbox!
  5. LF Ent

    Your Name Sir?

    I hope we do, because, frankly, I think there's a big difference betweena name you would use in a fantasy game and a name you would use in a science fiction game. I'll probably still pick LF_Ent, though. I'm gonna try to get Master Chief. :(
  6. Boring! I would change its atmosphere to propane so I could set it on fire and watch the entire planet BURN HAHAHAHAHAHA WOULDN'T THAT BE GREAT? >.<
  7. LF Ent

    Are You A Supporter Of Good Grammar?

    o i luv gud grmamr n stuf lik tht cuz it r teh pwnage rofl jking no srsly idc 4 teh letspak No. I use it to make fun of people who actually use it. I think it makes you look incredibly unintelligent, and since whenever I see people use it on IM, their responses seem delayed, I don't think it makes you type much faster at all.
  8. LF Ent

    What's Your Favorite City?

    1. Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, Wales 2. Effingham, Illinois As for the most beautiful city, I don't know about right now, but on August 6th, 1945, Hiroshima was the most beautiful city I've ever seen.
  9. LF Ent

    Some Stuff

    I finished making the steel a few days ago and sold it, so now I have about 6 and a half hundred thousand coins in the bank. Now I'm trying to do all the quests I didn't do at the beginning of the game. Over Thanksgiving break, I did Black Knights' Fortress, Prince Ali Rescue, and Goblin Diplomacy. Just now, I was arching imps on Karamja for Imp Catcher when I got the 500 total level milestone. http://img440.imageshack.us/my.php?image=tl500qc3.png I remember getting 500 total on Plexar...ah, nostalgia... Oh, and as you can see, I was trying out HD. It lags a bit on my computer, but it runs well enough. So, next, I'll do Shield of Arrav, and then I'll either do Dragon Slayer or something else entirely.
  10. LF Ent

    I'm Actually Angry...

    You should have told him to mom off and grow a beard.
  11. LF Ent

    I Am..

    I am Durza.
  12. LF Ent

    Haven't Blogged In A While

    Ownage. Spread the wealth!
  13. LF Ent


    Okay -- but I already have Battlefront for the PS2. Is there a difference? Not really ^_^ I think the xbox has some decent worth, but you'll probably be better off with a PS2 (Which I think you have) unless you really like Halo. I have a friend who just has a Xbox and halo was all he ever played/plays. I REALLY like Halo. There are a few other games I'd like to get. Fable, for example, looks like fun. My cousin has -- or had -- an Xbox, so I have a small list of games I liked playing. What's that one game? Conker, or something? That was fun.
  14. LF Ent


    Okay -- but I already have Battlefront for the PS2. Is there a difference?
  15. LF Ent


    Unless it's worth selling myself into slavery for life to cover the costs, I can't afford that. The only reason I can afford the Xbox is because they aren't releasing new games for it. Cool. I might, since I like RPGs.

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