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    Part of the Rotfang conspiracy trying to take down the ministry using dark magic and gum disease.
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    Runescape, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, reading Dan Brown books, Survivor, and Lost. And faking.<br /><br />I help run a Lord of the Rings site at www.arwen-undomiel.com. It would be greatly appreciated if you could check it out, because we're starting a revival for the new Hobbit movies. Please check it out! Thanks!

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    Oriley Jack
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    Thieving and construction and crafting
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    Roughly 91
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    Roughly 1420
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    Clanless, recruit me if you want!

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  1. The Darkest

    A Grand New Fake...

    https://sites.google.com/site/interactiverune/ His website is still up. Awesome blast from the past there.
  2. The Darkest

    business is booming

    Cameron should have hosted another puzzlehunt, pandemic-themed this time
  3. The Darkest

    A Grand New Fake...

    This is groundbreaking. Maybe we should go back and find all our fakes to see what else the Sal's faking community predicted.
  4. The Darkest


    You are another person who I totally remember but don't really think I ever interacted with. But good to see you back!
  5. The Darkest

    I didn't make that topic.

    I think we all know who is behind this Vote: daniel
  6. The Darkest

    THE BORING 20s

    i'm a lil late but happy new year slammers
  7. The Darkest

    lonely has some explaining to do

    uh of course
  8. The Darkest

    lonely has some explaining to do

    I'm gonna have a hard time sleeping tonight
  9. The Darkest

    Runescape Fanclub Renaissance

    i demand a recount, this is an outrage!
  10. The Darkest

    does this ever happen to you?

    This emoji issue is a MUST fix!
  11. The Darkest

    Runescape Fanclub Renaissance

    I want in pls
  12. The Darkest

    what if

    chinese hoax, move along nothing to see here please
  13. The Darkest


    you are very welcome my friend
  14. The Darkest


    one time i was @ school just walking down th ehall and then i herd sumthing behind me and i turned around and GHOST PUNCHD ME IN DA FACE!!!! it was crazy omg
  15. We still have like a year guys....

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