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    Part of the Rotfang conspiracy trying to take down the ministry using dark magic and gum disease.
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    Runescape, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, reading Dan Brown books, Survivor, and Lost. And faking.<br /><br />I help run a Lord of the Rings site at www.arwen-undomiel.com. It would be greatly appreciated if you could check it out, because we're starting a revival for the new Hobbit movies. Please check it out! Thanks!

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    Oriley Jack
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    Thieving and construction and crafting
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    Roughly 91
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    Roughly 1420
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    Clanless, recruit me if you want!

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  1. The Darkest


    5/10 shading on the flag looks off and missing the UI. not your best work
  2. The Darkest

    Post your old fakes here

    I found a few old Omega fakes... Noob Cannon and the Duel Arena one. The only other ones I can remember are the one where someone gets stuck in the house portal near Rellekka and where Santa's sleigh crashes north of Falador. Does anyone have those or any other old Omega fakes saved away somewhere?
  3. The Darkest

    Post your old fakes here

    Wolfie was incredible. Dude straight up broke faking by learning Blender and just rendering everything in that. What a legend. And awesome that he saved so much on that website! His "Hell freezes over" fake was I remember thinking was the most incredible fake I had ever seen. I hope that dude is doing well all these years later. Also - @Beret - do you still have all your old fakes saved? All the links in your fake gallery are dead :( would be so sad to lose all that media forever
  4. The Darkest

    Post your old fakes here

    Not sure if anyone will see this thread, but worth a shot I guess. Since imageshack basically purged their servers of all the images from this era, we've lost a lot of history. If you have any fakes saved on your PC, from the glory days of RuneScape screenshot faking, post them here, for posterity!
  5. The Darkest

    New DSZ Released

    I picked the perfect time to come back
  6. The Darkest

    Mark Your Calendars

    so nothing happened on the 17th then?
  7. That's 100% true and mildly terrifying...
  8. I love to visit this forum every few months and reminisce on all the lost memories and wonderful times we all had here. Love to you all
  9. The Darkest

    Sal's Nostalgia

    That image isn't loading for me. But I think I still have a good amount saved, though not sure about the Omega ones specifically. Maybe I will go through soon and do a photodump here.
  10. The Darkest

    Sal's Nostalgia

    Holy crap, Ambo100, I remember you! Weren't you in the Omega Faking Group all those years ago? Wow. I basically get nostalgic for this forum every time I think about it. Funny how Reddit has basically supplanted all other internet forums. This site is really a relic of another time. I definitely have some screenshots somewhere. I will try and dig them up.
  11. The Darkest

    Anyone still here?

    I still stop by on occasion. Actually recently restarted playing OSRS and it's been fun. But yeah, always nice to see people still checking back in here
  12. The Darkest

    A Grand New Fake...

    https://sites.google.com/site/interactiverune/ His website is still up. Awesome blast from the past there.
  13. The Darkest

    business is booming

    Cameron should have hosted another puzzlehunt, pandemic-themed this time
  14. The Darkest

    A Grand New Fake...

    This is groundbreaking. Maybe we should go back and find all our fakes to see what else the Sal's faking community predicted.
  15. The Darkest


    You are another person who I totally remember but don't really think I ever interacted with. But good to see you back!

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