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    Part of the Rotfang conspiracy trying to take down the ministry using dark magic and gum disease.
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    Runescape, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, reading Dan Brown books, Survivor, and Lost. And faking.<br /><br />I help run a Lord of the Rings site at www.arwen-undomiel.com. It would be greatly appreciated if you could check it out, because we're starting a revival for the new Hobbit movies. Please check it out! Thanks!

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    Oriley Jack
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    Thieving and construction and crafting
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    Roughly 91
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    Roughly 1420
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    Clanless, recruit me if you want!

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  1. The Darkest


    one time i was @ school just walking down th ehall and then i herd sumthing behind me and i turned around and GHOST PUNCHD ME IN DA FACE!!!! it was crazy omg
  2. We still have like a year guys....
  3. The Darkest


    Sals! It's 2019. Crazy to think how long we've stuck around here... assuming we're even here... It's been such a long time since this forum was really active, but I just want to tell everyone that reads this thanks for all the great times we had here - even the memories I don't remember. This was and still is a great community! Let's just use this topic to reminisce on our favorite forum memories, the importance of this forum to us, and other sentimental stuff.
  4. The Darkest


    This just threw me back to the past because I had forgotten that they used to be "emotes" and not "emojis."
  5. The Darkest

    Server migration! (Complete!)

    I've not gone 12 years on this damn forum just to get IP banned. Praying it doesn't happen to me too!
  6. The Darkest

    Zybez forums closing

    This is really sad. I always thought Zybez was really the biggest and true "center" of the RS community online (as I saw it, the big 4 were Tip It, Zybez, RuneHQ, and Sals). I was always intimidated by the scope of the Zybez community, and preferred to stick to the homeliness of Sals. Crazy to think how far away that time is now and how far the world - and internet - has come in that time.
  7. Been a while since I played the game, but was thinking back to all the quests I ever did during RS. Three stand out: Underground Pass for being so insanely epic, Darkness of Hallowvale for being really unique and cool, and Monkey Madness for being just plain fun. What was everyone else's favorite RS quests, and why?
  8. The Darkest

    Random Fun Memories

    Egghebrecht! I just noticed your signature. That in itself is one of the most legendary events in Sals history! What started off with some random noob making a dumb, probably trolly post, ended up being a debate for years that was actually settled by Jagex - YEARS after the original topic. I'll see if I can find the topic that solved it (which was only like two years ago or something like that). EDIT: It was you actually who wrote the article in the Santafish Monthly: http://runescape.salmoneus.net/newsletter/april-2015.html I was the one who brought the topic back up (because I like to reminisce) actually. Which I don't really recall doing. Whatever lol
  9. The Darkest

    Random Fun Memories

    I will never forget the one that had the password "Tchaikovsky."
  10. The Darkest

    Random Fun Memories

    Since this forum basically runs off nostalgia now, here's a neat thread idea: Here, post your random memories from the forum (or Runescape in general!) that were funny, cool, or memorable, but that might not be big enough to have warranted inclusion in the wiki, or that you think others might not remember. I'll start: I remember some newbie forumer posted a topic about how he was at school, walking down the hallway, heard some footsteps behind him, and he turned around and a GHOST PUNCHED HIM IN THE FACE. It was so funny and it even became a meme for a while.
  11. The Darkest

    Man it's been a while

    If you would have asked 10 years ago which names would still be on here in 2018... would we have thought it would be us?
  12. The Darkest


    Who else used ChristmasNow all year long?
  13. The Darkest

    Throwback to the Puzzlehunts

    Whoa, there's a Sals discord? Link? And does anyone actually have contact with Cameron? Tbh he's the only one I would ever trust to make one of these.
  14. The Darkest

    >faking in 2017

    If you want I can create a new faking group and we can see how that works out.
  15. The Darkest

    Throwback to the Puzzlehunts

    Some of my favorite memories on here were those Puzzlehunts that Cameron used to run. I remember working all day on one, and I had helped solve almost every clue up to that point, and then I went to sleep for the night and it had been mostly solved by the next morning. That was the one that had a massive grid with a ton of different individual puzzles, and then the password was every single letter/number in the puzzle in the order of the spiral going inward. And then another time the password was Tchaikovsky. And still to this day I can't hear the composer's name without thinking of that Puzzlehunt. Can someone drop Cameron a line and see if he can make another one? It'll be an extra challenge since there's only 10 of us left on the forums. Lol.

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