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  1. Thanks, man. I don't think I've uploaded videos before, just screenshots. I have to admit that I went for a very 2007 editing style.
  2. Rock crabs are great at low levels. Nightmare zone is the fastest xp at higher levels. Slayer is also a good way to train, it's slower xp, but it will pay off in the long run.
  3. Pureosaur

    CoolMenuce - Come Check Out My f2p Pure

    I'm late to the party, but I'll answer anyway. Both have their pros and cons; it's a matter of personal preference. Strength pure: You don't have to train ranged Needs high str to be effective (I recommend 75+, but higher is better) Might want 13 or 31 prayer after 80 str Easier to pk with Only good against other pures (or no arm fights) Slightly lower hp, which lowers your combat level Range+2her You have to train both ranged and strength Is good at lower levels 1 prayer is recommended Faster battles with more complex moves (more fun, but takes some training) Can kill people with defence Slightly higher hp, which can raise your combat level I prefer range+2h, becaus it gives me a chance against mains. I also enjoy the technical fights more than just exchanging melee hits.
  4. Pureosaur

    F2p Range/mage Viable?

    Range/mage can be fun to mess around with, but range+2h is more effective eventually. Relative to your cb, range/mages is strongest at 35 / 35, and then decent up to 59/59. The problem with magic is that you can't get good loot at low levels, and it doesn't hit high enough at high levels. Every magic level beyond 59 does basically nothing. If you go for 59/59 I'd recommend targeting people in full rune. Best to bring some binds, because they will try to run.
  5. Pureosaur

    Am I ready to pk? Osrs f2p

    Your stats looks fine to me. If you want, you could increase your range to 66 without gaining cb levels (except from hp). I highly recommend keeping 1 prayer for f2p pking.
  6. Pureosaur


    The Juice is now a 60 att pure with the following stats: Then I also have Pureosaur, a low lvl range+2h and Zero Loot, a low lvl ironman pure. If you would make an old school ironman pure, we could f2p troll pk (we wouldn't get loot, so it'd be just for fun).
  7. Pureosaur

    Low level pk I NEED HELP

    Welcome to the forum, good to see new pkers coming in. 1. Prayer: Unfortunately, I really don't like the 25 prayer. You get a lot of combat levels, whithout gaining much of a stat advantage. This means you will be fighting pures who can hit higher than you. You also have to deal with switching prayer from ranged to strength mid-fight, which makes switching harder, and you will have to do some extra running around to recharge prayer points after every fight. I'm guessing you want to use it to protect your rune 2h, but people will check your stats and some will refuse to fight you when they suspect you'll protect your 2h. You can either start over and make a 40 att 50 str 60 ranged 1def pure with 1 prayer, or if you want to stay with this account, get 31 prayer, so you can get 15% str bonus and pray at the monestary. With 31 prayer, you will need 70+ str to make good use of the bonus, anything lower and 1 prayer accounts of your cb level will have a stat advantage over you. 2. General stats: You can get 3 melee levels for every 2 ranged levels. With your current 62 ranged lvl, you could get 53 strength whithout gaining combat levels (except from hp maybe). Magic is only good for teleporting back to varrock, so ignore that. 3. Gear: Wear: Maple shortbow, coif, leather body, any cape, Amulet of Stength, 70 adamant arrows, monk robe or leather body, Green d'hide vambraces, green d'hide chaps, leather boots. Inventory: Rune 2h or battleaxe, strength potion, rest lobsters or swordfish. 4. PKing: Start ranging your opponent until he is low hp, then try to get a range+2h combo in so the hits stack and hopefully KO the opponent. Melee pures who use a scim instead of ranged will be the easiest target at your combat level, since their hits will be too low to threaten you. Eat when you're at 17hp or lower. If you want to practice in the duel arena, add Pureosaur, my lvl 48 range+2h pure. I've been away for a while, so I could use some practice too
  8. I can't see the video, I'm getting "An error occured. Please try again later."
  9. Pureosaur


    Visage drop! :D I'm not sure yet how I will spend the money. Possibly to fund a blowpipe for firecape and spend the rest on bonds. Chinning seems like a waste, I'll just lvl range the slow way at wyverns.
  10. Is this for f2p or p2p? (I can only give advice on f2p) For f2p, a standard range+2h pure (40 att 1 def 1 prayer, str and range balanced) is very good for range or scim stakes.
  11. Pureosaur


    Brought down a tank who already had loot=m0re l00t. I ko'd him with a 22, but was too slo to screenie (the xp proves it tho)
  12. Pureosaur

    I Done Won Some Stuff

    Collecting addy 2h's like a boss. We should do some practice duels when i get the stats on my little guy a bit higher.
  13. Pureosaur


  14. Pureosaur


    Pretty good pking day again, I'm starting to get less bad at OS pking. Looted 5 rune 2h's and some scims. Died 3 times I think. I still think I need some more practice duels to get the hang of oldschool animations. Screenies ofcourse:

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