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  1. Phlying High

    Is old school runescape worth coming back to?

    It looks like old account that I started when I got back into it for a month or 2 a year ago got banned for pay with the wrong card or something. I don't understand it because I never used a credit card, just bought bonds. Any advice?
  2. I haven't played runescape seriously since about 2009 and I just noticed old school is free to play. I would be starting from scratch so I was wondering if it is actually worth it? Has the community changed since 2009? If so how? How limiting is free to play in old school?
  3. I just got 63 hunting and was wondering if I should start hunting red Chins immediately or wait a few levels?
  4. Phlying High

    Learning coding

    I am currently in AP Computer Science at my high school and am learning Java. Anyone know some websites I could check out to expand my knowledge?
  5. Phlying High

    Girlfriend Trouble

    Tell her to listen to Kiss me slowly by Parachute. Problem solved.
  6. Phlying High

    6 years on sals and 4 years on runescape

    I meant 6 years been on the forum. I haven't really played runescape for the past 2 years so I am saying only 4 years of runescape.
  7. Phlying High

    Just got back into Graphics

    I just got back into doing signatures and was wondering what you think. Ignore the names as they were from another site I made people signatures for. Also ignore my current sals signature as it was a signature I made before I stopped. I know they are all basically the same basic thing but people liked them so I kept making them. Didn't want to risk with someones signature and have them disappointed. So what do you think? http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg823/scaled.php?server=823&filename=isayyaz.jpg&res=landing http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg26/scaled.php?server=26&filename=qbspeed.jpg&res=landing http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg43/scaled.php?server=43&filename=bstoll88.jpg&res=landing http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg38/scaled.php?server=38&filename=cooleagle99.jpg&res=landing
  8. I haven't been around in awhile but I was bored and saw an ad on oovoo talking about runescape. I than remembered about Sals my favorite runescape forum. I remember tip.it and rune HQ but this was by far my favorite forum. Always helpful people and a nice community. I was just wondering what has happened since I left? The last update I really remember was all the gods being added with God wars. I did go to the dungeons a little so I know about them. I also know about pking coming back as well as free trade. Also the new skill dungeoneering. What else is new though?
  9. Phlying High

    What has changed?

    Within the Wizard tower you mean the runecrafting guild or is there something else?
  10. Phlying High

    What has changed?

    I have not played in forever and was just wondering what has changed. Last thing I remember was Free trade and pking came back out. Just wondering what else is new in the life of runescape.
  11. I quit playing about 7 months ago. What is new in the world of runescape? Been bored and always loved sals. Never going to go back to runescape but just wondering what is new.
  12. Phlying High

    F2p Pking Clan

    I am in. Darkeagles13 74 strength 40 attack.
  13. Alright these are my current stats. 40 attack 74 strength 1 defence 1 range 25 mage 63 HP Here are my options I am thinking of Option A: Range 2h 40 Attack 75 strength 1 defence 70 range 25 mage ?? HP Option B: Rune Pure 40 attack 75 strength 40 defense 1 range 25 Mage Option B: Black pure 40 attack 75 strength 10 defence 1 range 25 mage Option C: Your choice Suggest something else. What do you think I should do? I am leaning more towards a Rune pure because I can try other places and make some money with combat. Also it would up my combat and people world risk more then they do now.
  14. Phlying High

    F2p Pking Clan

    I will join level 53 combat 74 strength Add me Darkeagles13
  15. Phlying High

    Longest Not Log In!

    Can anyone else beat this? I made a new account with the email and it was annoying me with such a long log in so I tried to remember my old username. Finally after many fails I found one account of mine. Wasn't my main sadly, but it was a decent account =)

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