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  1. Connor

    New Weapon:the White Tree

    4/10 you just done an emote then copied and pasted the tree and turned it around and plus the hand is black around it
  2. Actually 2 and 3 aren't the wrong way round,its like the ropeswing is stopping
  3. Connor

    4th Fake Animation,sleeping System!updated

    if you put public chat off you can't see what your character is speaking ---------------------------------------- Iv updated [email protected][email protected]!
  4. Connor

    4th Fake Animation,sleeping System!updated

    why is the 'sleep on' crooked..is it because it goes yellow?,if so thats what happens on runescape when you right click it highlights it(if you know what i mean)..other than that,the text is runescape font.
  5. Connor

    The Darkest's Contest 2 Poll #1

    Can anyone be bothered to actually LOOK at the fakes other than knowing the person is famous lets vote for him.. In other hand..
  6. Connor

    Just An Animation I Made In 5 Mins

    0/10 lol such noobish
  7. Connor

    Who Gave King Joe The Granade

    0/10 realy..all your fakes are poor..heres a tip..Make a good one :/
  8. Connor

    Guns In Runscape 3

    Meh! 0/10 1 word..POOR
  9. Connor

    Zammy Ruins Statue Of Sara In Fally

    5/10..its very simple
  10. Connor


    0/10..simply poor
  11. Connor

    Flying Noobs

    All you did is took a picture of yourself doing a emote,pasted and then rotated the noobs..too bad to be rated.
  12. Connor

    Can Some1 Spare Some Cash?

    Meh..1/10..you just copied and pasted a santa plus i dunno what the yellow ticks are and cropping is bad..PLUS..when you trade the trades go right across the tradebox not left across it..il give you a 1 for effort :P
  13. Connor

    Close Please

    Actually "The Darkest" did say you could enter more than one fake, as long as they are related... Lol..related?..1 doesnt work..so how are they related?
  14. Connor

    A Badly Made Fake For The Holidays!

    7/10..VERY easy to do..it's just copy and pasting skill.Good work though!

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