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  1. Sostrike

    Logging Out In Dungeoneering.

    Support, this would help a lot!
  2. Sostrike

    Stupidest Moments

    When i accidently sold my zamorak set for 1m when the price was 2m, it was early morning, just woke up to sell it lol (3 years ago)
  3. Sostrike

    The Penultimate Level

    Nice, what weapon is that? if it's dragon pickaxe nvm.
  4. Sostrike

    Mark Gerhard!

    No wonder why they changed HP
  5. Sostrike

    97 Woodcutting!

    Good job
  6. Sostrike

    Tis' Reel Old.

    Nice, same happend to me, recovered my first account ever created on Runescape!
  7. Sostrike

    Kid Gets Hacked

    Lol, it's his own fault
  8. Sostrike

    Temple Trekking

    I still do woodcutting sometimes (evil tree's), that's why i want it
  9. Sostrike


    Awesome stats! you sure it's your bank? lol
  10. Sostrike

    Temple Trekking

  11. Sostrike

    Temple Trekking

    Hello, I was doing Temple Trekking mini-game (activity). In 1 hour i have managed to get 2 hats and boots. The next time when i got the bridge event there were no lumberjacks, to finish the event i had to chop some trees. Any ideas why this happened?
  12. Sostrike

    Rate Me. I'm Bored. :p

    Nice stats, but bank doesn't look very well 8,8/10
  13. Sostrike

    Just Another Rate Topic

    I've been playing the same time and this is pretty low, 7/10
  14. Sostrike

    Some Achievements

    Nice, good luck with 85 mining.

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