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  1. I think you can still make it whatever you want it to be. I agree the community is not as good as it once was. However consider the possibility that you don't like it as much because you are older now and look at the world differently now.
  2. The only practical governmental reason I can think to have one would be to have a unifying figure in the event the regular government implodes. Not likely, but maybe that is a good idea to prevent the country from descending civil war or something. If the (hereditary) monarch has some power, then he also has an incentive to ensure the long-term stability of the state so he can pass on his position to his children. In pure democracy, individuals have a lot of other incentives which tend not to lean towards this (see national debt of every western democracy and Japan). Not advocating a return to hereditary monarchy, isnt my favorite form of government, just pointing out that democracy without significant restraints has major problems too.
  3. You guys should move to Florida My life has been normal since July. I seriously feel for all the people who live in places that are more restrictive though. It is really rough that you have to put your life on hold for a year due to events you have no control over. I wish you all best of luck and that you all lose because I win
  4. Haven't seen that internet browser layout in a long time! I don't have anything though, the computer I'm on is only 4 years old and I didn't save any old pictures Don't you also have the old site banner too?
  5. Dang 600k are you going to sell or are you a hodler
  6. What improvements or "improvements" would this have Also I win?
  7. I generally avoid social media, I have an old Facebook account I log into a couple times a month and I have some familiarity with Reddit. Personally I think it is easier to have complex discussions and be a part of a community on forums, though social media is superior for reading headlines and obtaining small bits of knowledge. The atmosphere on those is pretty toxic as well, though that might be more a result of the times than the format. I might just be an old-timer though. I have heard people say that other forms of social media are superior to forums in every way.
  8. Even though more gambling goes on now, it has been like this to some extent forever. Seems questionable to change it after all these years.
  9. I know this sounds lame but I miss you guys!
  10. At least something good is happening as a result of the lockdowns! Grats
  11. Dang those old signatures were a blast from the past. That was a cool look.
  12. Where I live it has recently become mandatory to wear a mask when in a business, so I do. Prior to that, I only wore it in places where I thought it would be polite to do so. If I am in a grocery store where I might be in contact with an elderly person, then I would. If I was at a bar or restaurant where people are willing to accept more risks, then I would not. I think it has not impacted me as much as most people, but I live in a place where the shutdown was imposed relatively late and lifted relatively early. Hope we don't shut down again. I am a single man in my 20s that lives alone so life is really boring when I can't go outside lol.
  13. Sounds like you should just join the darkside and make Sobend's Throwback Throwback log into Sobend's Throwback log.
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