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  1. I agree knowledge is great, but I think the pursuit of knowledge is what makes it so great. Knowing the specifics of the origins of the Universe without working up to that point would shatter a lot of people who are religious, or even who just aren't sure about everything. You don't want to suddenly be told your entire life was a lie. Edit: Also, I'm not religious, worth noting. However other people are, (a LOT of other people) and they should be considered.
  2. I voted "No" for if I could live as well, and that's assuming I would be the only one given that opportunity. I don't want human kind to have that kind of information, and I don't want to be the only one that knows. If it were me OR someone else, I'd take the information and then try to manage my life but I don't think it'd be very good information to have.
  3. I think this question would be much more interesting if you removed the death all together, you'd get a lot more "Yes" answers, at any rate.
  4. Nope. I don't care about the past. It doesn't pertain to my life, it doesn't affect me in any way, and if I die immediately after it won't make me a better person for the rest of my life. (Since I won't have the rest of my life.)
  5. Eye


    Various British ethnicities on one side, and then English Quebecois back quite a while.
  6. Eye

    Rap Battle Topic

    Lyrical art at its finest. "My crib be looking like an armory, snitches can't run away they gotta betta chance of winning the fudgeing lottery," Deep, bro.
  7. My name is Graham and I like the fact that my name is Graham.
  8. Eye

    Pirate Bay to be blocked by UK ISPs

    most likely towards more services like steam, spotify, netflix etc popping up That, coupled with a heavy focus on the cloud. Content companies can go fudge themselves. Stupid licensing stipulations between regions get in the way of everything. Half of the movies on the Canadian Netflix are from before the 80's, we're just getting Dexter season 1 too. Canada's problem is more due to its own self inflicted regulations based on the principal of "cultural protection". If they eliminate the Canadian content ratio there should be no reason why Canada shouldn't get the same exact services the US gets. http://en.wikipedia....l_protectionism That really isn't the reason Netflix has limited content, it's more due to the time frame "Netflix Canada" has been operating, combined with monetary restrictions. I don't even know if the CCP laws even apply to Netflix, but I do know that that is in no way the reason Netflix Canada sucks.
  9. Eye

    Moobs problem. Trolling not appreciated.

    Edit: Scratch this, and scratch what most people are saying. You're 13. You don't need a huge lifestyle change, your body already wants to burn what weight you've accumulated because you're growing. All you have to do is talk to your parents and say "Hey, I'm not liking my weight, can we maybe get some more healthy food options available for me to eat?" and then do something with your friends every day. Be that biking, hanging out outdoors (and doing some things like road hockey or soccer or whatever.) or just walking to your school instead of getting a ride/taking the bus. A 13 year old does not need an intensive workout regimen to lose some weight, a 13 year old needs to do what most 13 year olds do, and play outdoors and eat good food. That's all. Edit #2: @Hunter, losing weight is definitely what he wants to do unless he has "moobs" as he calls them without being at all overweight, which would be likely hormone related and something he needs to talk to his doctor about.
  10. Eye

    Moobs problem. Trolling not appreciated.

    Not quite a good recommendation--keep your intake high (change to more protein and keep all the essential vitamins & minerals) and work out. Run and lift weights. Run on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday--lift on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. Doesn't sound like he's trying to get "buff", and if he is and I missed that my mistake. He just needs a balanced diet and to exercise with some regularity. (Which is likely not what he's doing right now.) Healthy foods, no high caloric nonsense that he really doesn't need. Running and lifting are daunting tasks that often people who are overweight and looking just to lose weight don't feel like doing. I would be willing to bet, just with the demographic of the forums that he simply spends too much time idle not doing anything physical and that's the main cause of his being overweight. I could very well be wrong, and in which case my advice would be misplaced and not NECESSARILY what he would need. There's no reason to do much more than simply lowering caloric intake, making his food choices more healthy, and doing more activity than he currently is. If he has more health issues that we don't know about, he should be discussing this with a doctor, not a Runescape forum. :)
  11. Eye

    Question about motorcycles

    I really don't recommend "waiting til you can get a higher CC". Starting on a high CC bike isn't necessary, there's a few things to notice: 1. You'll probably drop the bike. I'd be very surprised if you didn't. Therefore, you want your first bike to be as cheap as possible. 2. Riding fast is great and all, but if you're an inexperienced biker riding a big bike, if you have an accident (which is rather likely) you're a lot more likely to kill yourself on a 650 than a 250. Look for something cheap (there's a lot of other peoples first bikes being sold now cuz of the new season) and something that will suit your very very basic needs. You don't need something to look cool, you don't need something to be fast. You need something that functions, and can be on the road. Any more than that and you're wasting your own money, and risking your life more than you need to be. Best of luck. (And yes, a ninja 250 is a pretty good starting bike, if you can find one second hand.)
  12. Eye

    Moobs problem. Trolling not appreciated.

    Seriously all you gotta do is control your eating and get some excercise going. Calories used > Calories consumed, you'll lose weight. There's nothing magical about it, and there's no magic way to lose just your "moobs" as you call them. Gotta lose weight in general, they'll go away too. The time frame is unreasonable and will not happen, if it's summer you're concerned about just get started soon and you'll start losing weight, won't have a "sexy beach body" by Summer but you may have something you're more comfortable with and okay with having people see. :) Also, running/weightlifting/intense sports really aren't necessary. Bicycling or walking is fine too, just do SOMETHING for a good hour to hour and a half every day, and try to make it so you're out of breath without killing yourself. You just need to make your body do what it's there for. (P.S. There's a rather small chance that your being overweight doesn't have to do with overeating/underexcercising, but I very much doubt it as it's not overly common. Try excercise and proper eating habits before you look for other reasons.)
  13. Not prolife (in the abortion sense), but against the death penalty. So I'm like.. hypocritical in another way.. dude.. (or I think life has more to do with experiences, emotions, and memories than it does.. being a fetus, but that's just me.)
  14. But then the mother is forced to go through nine months of bearing a child, which towards the end involves a lot of physical pain, while carrying a constant reminder that they were raped. That's true, but does the child's happiness outweigh the mother's unhappiness, especially if the mother's unhappiness later becomes happiness in seeing her child succeed? Child's potential happiness, bearing in mind that the child would have no happiness with no experiences. So, I would argue to your point that you're dealing with real emotions vs. potential emotions, and in that particular instance the real emotions would win out. Obviously.
  15. Eye

    Help with muscle.

    Sorry man, I don't purchase supplements, nor anything for that matter from places besides Walmart and Target (I'm brown, what do you expect? Plus, I'm cheap) Oh, these aren't supplements. They're better. Exactly,they have arsenic which enhances muscle size by 20% and it's not dangerous at all,or you can get the ones with small doses of acid and traces of paint. however there is a method for overnight muscle mass increase,it involves turning into a wendigo,you also become very agile and live for a long time,basically everyone to have ever lived past 100 was actually a malnourished wendigo thus explaining their death. or you could be a Draugr,whichever suits you. There's no way you'll look like you're lifting untill you're 17+ and that's with great diet and exercise. No, no! I don't want to have a body builder look! I just want to have the runners look Run.

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