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  1. Siko

    Pest Control

    o man i love it its slower training but it seems to go so much faster and cash u get depends on ur lvl im lvl 103 and get 1030 gp a victory
  2. i think ive seen u not sure though 4/10
  3. Siko

    Recipe For Disaster

    oooo i jsut did the quest guys if u need any help whisper me i got my own guide written
  4. Siko

    Random Levels

    101 combat woot woot got it with 79 defence
  5. Siko

    Christmas Update!

    xlxdarkdemoin look up 2 posts and read mine i said hwo to
  6. Siko

    Christmas Update!

    o man i love this thing its so sweet i got every hat scarf and blue marrionette for those of u who might not know if u wnana change ur marionnetes colour destroy it and in the house before u go down the ladder theres a big bin with a green blue and red marrionette sitting there keep taking destroying til u get the colour u want
  7. any1 know how to get challenged im killing goblins
  8. Siko

    Random Levels

    73 fishy fish 3 more lvls til sharky shark
  9. Siko

    Random Levels

    i got 72 fishin today
  10. Siko

    8 New Worlds In Miami

    that aint fare canada need new worlds toronto is always crowded and only member country with 1 world
  11. Siko

    Random Levels

    cmbt 99 runecrafting 63 and 64 defence 77 cooking 71

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