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  1. AceOfSpadesz

    How Can You Hide Items?

    okay so i got hacked and the hacker bought himself a pair of dragon claws with my money (i checked using the grand exchange history. I would like to know where he hid the claws because it is not in my bank =/ and i checked my house if he could of hidden it there, but no luck. any ideas? ~nvm he loaned it out thanks though, you can close this thread
  2. AceOfSpadesz

    Best Way To Get A Mime Event?

    best way to get teleport randoms(drill demon, mime) is to fight monsters such as fl;esh crawlers or ankuos and once they become unaggresive, bury a bone.(this won't work if you keep bury bones after you get a kill). In the same scenario if you high alch, you will most likely get a non-teleport random(mysterious old man, box).
  3. AceOfSpadesz

    Firair Staff?!

    Nope, no staff that gives unlimited airs and another elemental rune. Combination staffs so far: Lava staff(fire and earth) mud staff(water and earth) steam staff(fire and water)
  4. AceOfSpadesz

    Help Me Figure Out!

    They changed it after Feburary 1st, paypal was not cooperating with ptc(pay to click) companies so they switched over to alertpay. They are planing to come out with a bux.to card(kinda like a virtual credit card) in the next few weeks. If that fails, ill just use my cash to buy 35 refs. Your best bet with alertpay is to request paybycash(they collect your money for rs membership if you don't use a credit card) to add alertpay to their list of money transfering companies.
  5. AceOfSpadesz

    Help Me Figure Out!

    Yes you can send a memership payment with a non-verified paypal account. edit: but you cant pay with alertpay which is the only way bux.to pays out.
  6. AceOfSpadesz

    Wats Ur Favorite Stat

    I'd have to go with range, its got a lot of assortment of weapons and armor and its fast compared to other combat attacks. Who wouldn't want to hide behind a rock and snip down lesser demons?
  7. AceOfSpadesz

    Ever Feel Unlucky?

    Got a d full helm drop from mith dragons and ring of life teleported me away. Didn't have anymore games necklaces left and when i got back it was gone.
  8. AceOfSpadesz

    A Fast Way To Lvl Prayer From 58 To 70

    It'll take about 2.3k dragon bones with a gilded altar to get 70 from 58. Buying them and using a gilded altar is the fastest and still cost effective way to raise prayer.
  9. AceOfSpadesz


    monks are really good if you don't burn them.
  10. AceOfSpadesz

    Cant Equip Armour Set

    right click on the grand exchange booth, then pick "sets exchange". when in this interface, right click on your armor set and click "exchange set of armor" If you still don't understand, do the grand exchange tutorial again.
  11. AceOfSpadesz

    Adolph Hitler Gets Banned =o

    First one was funny, second one was pretty sad.
  12. AceOfSpadesz

    4,000,000 Wc Exp In F2p :)

    I got 1-97wc in f2p, but overall nice achievement! good luck on 99def/99pray/99wc
  13. AceOfSpadesz

    Are You Addicted?

    ½-1½ weekdays, 0-1 hours on weekends ps3 ftw? or maybe its just because I'm stuck in f2p.
  14. AceOfSpadesz

    Rate Me

    Really nice, ive been playing for just under two years(been a member for 4 months within that period) and our stats are pretty similar. Your agility and runecrafting levels show your great patience. so 8.5/10 :) edit: whats up with my member title?
  15. AceOfSpadesz

    Jad Healers

    You could kill them behind the italy rock(try to get jad on the other side) or you could just try to trap them behind jad, by running through him while he's doing a mage attack.

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