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  1. WyldeJ

    Hunter Skill!

    It's a awesome new skill, just getting started on it could have been made a little easier.
  2. WyldeJ

    Halloween Event - For All Players!

    "Scared" emote in action. :lol:
  3. WyldeJ

    Your Formal Wear

    Halloween Event Rewards! There pretty cool! :lol: I think nearly everybody online is wearing these.
  4. WyldeJ

    Sal's Treasure Trail Db - Finished?

    I went to the lighthouse but the drawer's were locked, it had a note attached it read: I've tried Ardougne Market killing: The Guard's, Guard Dog's , Knight's of Ardougne , Paladins and Hero's but still no key... Any ideas anyone..? ~Jay
  5. WyldeJ

    Your Formal Wear

    :) :P Me and my good ole' Archer Helm, damn, I just love it! :o And 8/10 for L0rd Vega, and you should definatly become a member, not just for outfit's.. for everything!
  6. WyldeJ

    Sal's Treasure Trail Db - Finished?

    Thug's can be found in the Edgeville Dungeon. For the " Clue Level's and Monsters" section.
  7. WyldeJ

    Your Formal Wear

    Latest Formal wear: Like I say, you gotta love the rubber chicken!

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