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    sports, especially baseball<br />runescape, of course<br />xbox<br />school

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  1. Tantalizingg

    Is It April Yet

    i'm on it. thank you for your relevant post in response to my serious question in this light-hearted thread
  2. Tantalizingg

    Is It April Yet

    i am unfamiliar with this spma you speak of also, i deem your post as irrelevent, so stop spamming pleaseeeeeeeee :D
  3. Tantalizingg

    Is It April Yet

    is it still 1993
  4. Tantalizingg

    Is It April Yet

    i was just wondering is it april yet
  5. Tantalizingg

    Worlds Best (or Worst) Pickup Lines

    do you work at subway? cause every time i see you you give me a foot long i'm from hawaii, from the island of iwannalayya
  6. Tantalizingg

    Happy Birthday Frst!

    happy birthday frstbase07 i love you
  7. Tantalizingg

    How Many Of You Remember Me?

    yeah i can say the same thing about you. i definitely remember the name though. @ the above post: you are strange. O.o
  8. Tantalizingg

    How Many Of You Remember Me?

    yeah Ramon your name is familiar i don't think we ever really talked but i do remember you too i tried to get frst to come make a post but he is being stupidlamefacehead
  9. Tantalizingg

    How Many Of You Remember Me?

    Ha dreak i remember you. yeah frst and i have made a couple brief reappearences on these forums again. i bumped his log after about 2 years of inactivity haha. and some other things we got in a bit of trouble for lol
  10. Tantalizingg

    How Many Of You Remember Me?

    I haven't been active on these forums in probably more than 2 years anybody remember me? Eh I just realized this isn't a poll about Runescape but oh well... I'll add another option to the poll. and i guess this topic got moved so the santa option is irrelevent but if you feel the necessity to vote for it then go right ahead :) and i'd like to dedicate this thread to Jnr J if he's still on these forums for the awesome avatar lol. and neo avatars because he gave me my first warn level. screw you man.. screw you. haha jk -.- and while i'm at it i will recall some events that happened while i was here and see how many people remember them? i remember april fool's day where there was the secret forum you had to use clues to get to and to get a password that was some item from runescape. are people like dani still around? like the people that had a specific "animal" assigned to themselves like how dani was a bear? these are just random things that stick out in my mind ha. just some specific people i remember are king of monra and cxkslei or w/e his name is. i'm sure there are more people i could think of if i tried hard enough.
  11. 0/10. I know nobody knows me cause it's been forever since I've been on these forums but I felt like posting in this historic thread... haha
  12. Tantalizingg

    Help Ent! Y O U Could Be Mentioned On Salcast!

    I checked out these forums after being inactive for forever. -.-
  13. Tantalizingg

    Good 360 Games To Rent But Not Buy

    ohohohoooohoo your freakin hilarioussaa s salkdsjgf;sahgbl;awelk;jglkaejf jews

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