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  1. lyokoalpha12

    Congratulations To...

  2. lyokoalpha12

    Behind the Scenes – June

    cant wait for the new quest. Also i forsee the next new skill. LAW!!! where you must be a lawyer. That would be the worst skill ever
  3. lyokoalpha12

    The "what If" Game!

    flies would rule the world... What if this game never ended???
  4. lyokoalpha12

    Congratulations Goes 2...

  5. lyokoalpha12

    3 Word Story

    were very happy
  6. lyokoalpha12

    My Second Fake - Lyokoscape =p

    pearsonally i like it. im obssesed with lyoko (see my name) however the ppl should have been a little higher over the flames. it's still awsome though :) :) :)
  7. lyokoalpha12

    Is It Moral?

    :/ the dwarf worked so hard on that dragon. it could breath fire and walk!!! then i trick a guard to get romeo in trouble and make an old dwarf go pick up somthin of his i dropped just to make quick money...
  8. i love the pics!!! the behemoth icefiend was really cool.

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