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  1. What songs make you cry?
  2. I was watching some hybrid videos, and how do these people switch so damn fast?! Is it possible they are using mouse-keys?
  3. "but you said you were leaving!!!" I might as well get the big thing out of the way first, in the time since I left I have done a lot of thinking about myself. After many sleepless nights and emotional roller-coasters I've come to terms with the fact that I'm transgender. I'm really glad that I have a therapist helping me out, because if I didn't I might be dead right now, there were days where suicide felt like a pretty great option. Thinking about me being a girl made me laugh a bit at first, but then I realized how much more comfortable I am when I'm treated like a girl. I've started changing my appearance a bit, haven't gotten too far with it because I'm still living at home and will for the next 2 or 3 years. I'm going to get a nice haircut soon and have been wearing a light amount of makeup. I'm not changing my name because it's perfectly fine for a girl, just changing the spelling from Jordan to Jordyn. It may be a while yet before I can start HRT as I would need to leave home and have a good job to pay for it, but that's okay. I'll eventually get to where I want to be. In other news, I was briefly on an independent music label, but I was kicked off because the label owner doesn't like "retarded liberal social justice warriors." TIL being transgender automatically makes me a SJW! I am learning Japanese, I've been studying for a few months. I'm a bit stuck on grammar, but my vocabulary study is going well. Hopefully by this time next year I can have a intelligent discussion with a Japanese friend. I can't think of anything else, the weather's been nasty and I guess I'm okay.
  4. The book I'm using is actually quite good and was recommended to me by my Japanese friend, A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar. I do know about Tae Kim though and he helped me learn hiragana and katakana. I don't really expect people to understand what is really means to be transgender, a lot of people are just confused. It's nice to see someone say something like you did.
  5. Guess who's alive?

    1. Guitarguy


      Hitler! They thought I was crazy, but ohh, were they wrong. Dang non-believers ain't gonna be welcome in my bomb shelter once WWIII breaks out!

    2. Salmoneus


      Elvis? I knew it!

    3. Wert
  6. so even tho i pretty much already have, i felt like making an official statement letting everyone know that im leaving sals(again), this time i probably won't come back, who knows

    1. Sobend



    2. Mohorak



  7. is perfect blue any good, i downloaded it and havent watched it yet
  8. i have no idea why i didnt find her first shes probably the best so far, very nice, knows how to be serious and funny, and is wanting to treat me the way i need to be treated and not just treat me like every other client yay
  9. Moog

    Those following along pt2

    good to see your life working out i hope mine does
  10. Moog

    what color are zebras

    what do you guys think about what color zebras are
  11. I had a total meltdown yesterday :/

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    2. Micael Fatia

      Micael Fatia

      Sorry to hear to that man, hope it gets better soon

    3. Sobend


      I have these all the time, I feel ya :p

    4. Fatalysm


      Do yourself a solid and remember what the important parts are!

  12. Moog

    We gotta talk, dictionary.com

    I... what?
  13. denim shorts are horrible either way
  14. It seems that next month there will be a new aphex twin album #hypehypehypehype

  15. after practicing playing bass for 2 hours daily my fingers are just giant masses of blisters and pain

    1. Bwauder


      Thats what she said.

    2. Sobend


      I told you not to play with fish, gosh.

    3. Moog


      i hate u guys

  16. Moog

    Hey Mathematicians/Excel users

    Write your own program to keep track of elo and hook it up to a mySQL database.
  17. i havent done an actual life update in a while 1) depression is at an all-time low, still anxious as fudge about everything tho 2) my parents told me that if i lose weight and stop being fat they will pay me, so ive been losing weight. when i finally reach my goal weight ill be given $2K 3) my weight loss method is the ketogenic diet, it sucked for the first few days but then it started losing weight and it was all good 4) my sleep habits still suck and there seems to be nothing i can do about it, i was prescribed klonopin but i got addicted to it really badly so i was taken off that, was given trazodone and that did jack shizzle, my pyschiatrist doesnt really want to keep trying pills so i just have to find some other way to sleep like a normal human 5) in the best couple months ive been to 6 different therapists, a lot of them seem to stop caring about what i have to say as soon as i tell them im gay, one of them even said to me "well lets work on fixing that" when i told them. woohoo bible belt. the one therapist i visited that was cool with me being gay was gay himself and he got creepy really fast. 6) im starting to get way better at bass and have been practicing playing jazz, my dad keeps telling me how bad i am and its getting really annoying. in non-reallife news, ive been playing lots of path of exile and would love some ppl to play with. [/life]
  18. Moog

    life update

    I used to abuse benadryl a lot and it got to the point where i would need to take like 10-15 to even get a little bit sleepy exercise is something i already do, ive been walking/running a couple miles a day(at least i try too), doesnt help at all, i still stay awake for 16+ hours.
  19. lost about 15lb

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    2. Bwauder



    3. Nitua


      Huh, I gained about 15 pounds. I can return it to you if you want.

    4. Moog


      no thanks

  20. i dont feel like writing it again so i c/p from skype [1:24:26 PM] Jordan M.: well [1:24:27 PM] Jordan M.: f--k me [1:24:37 PM] Jordan M.: went to the record store and asked about jobs [1:24:50 PM] Jordan M.: owner asked how old i was can handed me an application [1:24:56 PM] Jordan M.: for a non-paying internship [1:25:07 PM] Jordan M.: apparently they only give paying jobs to ppl 21+
  21. Moog

    Dictionary.com is expanding their specialties.

    You spend way too much time on dictionary.com/thesaurus.com.
  22. yeah i know its pretty much what i expected, im just still a bit annoyed.
  23. Moog


    My parents have done something similar, they offered me $250(us) to quit playing minecraft(at the time I played mc for like 12 hours a day at least), I said no. In the long run, all of the time you spent playing games instead of doing something productive will hurt you, it will hurt me, and hurt anyone else who lives like that. Your parents see that and they want you to live better than that. If you really don't want to stop, then don't, its a video game, not heroin, but cutting back can always be a good idea(ironic that I say this when I just watched 16 episodes of requiem for the phantom in one sitting). I guess my whole point is that it's just as video game, take that as you will.
  24. reminder that code geass is amazing that is all

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