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  1. Drn Mage

    Green Dawn- Hilarius, Fun, And Exiting!

    My bro is in dis clan!I played a minigame on his account w this clan at his house!This clan pwns!
  2. Drn Mage

    Log To 900 Total!

    Niiiiiiice!Cool log.I like how u look in rs...
  3. Drn Mage

    Log To 9 Mil

    Where is the log?Its mage log, not 9 mill!Dont be a boob~
  4. Drn Mage

    Please Close

    OYOYOY!Nice on 81 mage!Train ranged now..........And str.
  5. Drn Mage

    Blogs! ~ Happy 2nd From Sal's!

    K00l! Don't spam, one word posts are against the rules. ~ Xaria
  6. Drn Mage

    First Entry - What A Day!

    OH!NIce loggy~
  7. Drn Mage

    All Your Burnt Shark Are Belong To Us

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!Yea!Y u use firelighters.........................Y???
  8. Drn Mage

    Beat Dragon Slayer At Level 45.

    Lol!Teh dragon it easy!I once killed a King Black Dragon! Anyway, nice!But I hate it cuz u get def ex!:-p My sis did it at lvl 46, became 49, jus like a week ago...
  9. Drn Mage

    Yay!my Sis Got 55 Minin!

    Yeh.Shes gonna get 60 mine now................And anyway, she is rich in rs though has nooby stats,...as u see........
  10. Drn Mage

    Yay!my Sis Got 55 Minin!

    KK....she finish d slayer.....
  11. Drn Mage

    Yay!my Sis Got 55 Minin!

    kk!She says , and I quote, "Im gonna mine mith all the time now!"
  12. Drn Mage

    Goodbye, D Scimmy!

    Waoooooooooooooot!Never acheaved dat!
  13. Drn Mage


    It is random, and I like black d hide.Any way nice pic, but y 40 defence???
  14. Drn Mage

    Yay!my Sis Got 55 Minin!

    This is her 1st big thing since she started RS, (Exept maybe getting a rune g skirt) Well, here is the picy! If ya wanna add her, her username is : Sasha a k
  15. Drn Mage

    2000 Total

    Dang dude!Ur stats pwn!

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