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  1. vausey

    Faulty Motherboard

    Yeah I tried only one stick in slot 1. I'll try with the compressed air see if that works at all.
  2. vausey

    Faulty Motherboard

    It's on ASUS' QVL for the motherboard In question. CORSAIR CMX8GX3M4A1333C9 8GB(4 x 2GB) So it's definitely the correct RAM. However I've being messing around with the slots and the piece of RAM doesn't work in slots 2,3 or 4. POST fails. However the the other Memory modules From slots 2,3 & 4 don't work in slot 1. :(
  3. vausey

    Faulty Motherboard

    It's definitely the right speed as the new RAM is the same Make and Model as the pre-existing RAM. Guess I'll e-mail The company I bought the mobo set off.
  4. Hey guys. I bought some extra RAM for my computer to upgrade from 4GB to 8GB, the motherboard in question has 4 memory slots http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/Intel_Soc...#specifications However the system will only pass POST with 3 Sticks of RAM in, When I attach the fourth stick of RAM (Into the 1st Slot Nearest the CPU socket) It won't past POST, I've tried switching the sticks round to see if a stick of RAM was faulty but they all work in Slots 2,3 & 4 Any ideas? Is there a setting I need to change in the BIOS ???
  5. Considering we pay for up to 24mb/s Pretty poor.
  6. vausey

    Color Problem..?

    Hmm, don't know. Any spare monitors are either ancient or broken. I'd have to ask my dad. EDIT: Lets say i don't have another mointer, what do i do? Most modern televisions have a VGA port (All of them in my house do and they're less than 2 years old), likewise with modern gpus have HDMI ports. You could try using your tv as a monitor to try redmonke's suggestion.
  7. vausey

    Shield Of Arrav Help

    I need to do the quest. Send me a PM if you're interested.
  8. Not necessarily, If it was a hardware fault the system may not boot (Especially if it's a piece of hardware used in POST) and if it was to shut down it would be sudden. Or a BSOD. A new installation would be easier than a repair installation as it would eliminate the virus as well
  9. vausey

    Screen Resolution

    Try all of them to see which one is comfortable to your eyes, it varies per screen. The smaller screens use 1280x800, my old 19" screen use 1440x900 and my 23" screen now uses 1920x1080 I believe when on the slider Windows will prompt the recommended resolution. It does with me.
  10. vausey

    Google+ Social Network

    Its a invite only beta within the tech community... What did you expect? =P Lots of people setting status' such as "t**s or gtfo"
  11. With the new driver for the wireless does it still cut out?
  12. I may have found the problem. I have a switch on the side of my laptop that controls wireless activity, and it was switched off. I must've been connecting somehow with it off :( I'll let you know if the problem continues. If it does, how do I update driver? EDIT: Problems still persisting. Go into device manager (Search on the start bar) > Look under Network devices it will list the wireless devices/Wired devices. Look on google to see if there is an updated driver.
  13. Something is interfering with the network driver, as it is working in safe mode (Only basic functions are loaded.) Have you tried to update the network driver? And why go out and buy windows 7 o.O when you can backup your files and reinstall vista back to factory settings?
  14. vausey

    Computer Problems

    Is the graphics card powered properly? I know on my GPU I had two power slots and had to use both, if I only had one plugged in the fan span but I had no display.

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