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  1. jedifight90

    Temporary Stat Boosters - Ready I Think.

    Don't forget draynor cabbages. They are a non-member's item that raises your defense by 1 to 2 levels
  2. jedifight90

    Summoning Money Making Guide

    You can't sell shards and you can only get the refund of them if you bought some before hand. Try adding how to make money with summoning, like using the red spider special (it makes red spider eggs) or having creatures mine and woodcut for you. Well keep up the work this guide might be able to survive.
  3. jedifight90

    Dwarf Cannon Guide

    :P i really wanna see if he will do this ^ It will be a good thing but only you, Simple, are the master of the Ranging tables :P EDIT: I don't think a chart is in my ability if you could make one for me that would be great. I might be able to get about how much exp u get an hour though. P.S. am I allowed to use maps from this site? I found a good map in the quest section that I need to use. Please answer this. :)
  4. jedifight90

    Summoning Guide - Complete

    Great guide! btw there is one more kind of charm. it's called an abyssal charm. It is used to make abyssal creatures. However, I don't have a pic
  5. jedifight90

    Ranging Mithril Dragons

    Thank you, it ain't good 'till it's accepted. And mage works too, it costs a little more. And I tried it with Ice Burst, I think it was, and took up so many runes. Why not train your ranged? It is a great skill, lol. I'm doing that just now, do you think a lvl 83 could kill them? I'm 85 magic and 48 range atm (training it)
  6. jedifight90

    Ranging Mithril Dragons

    ty for fixing it sorry if I bugged you to much, btw great guide, if I had high ranging I'd try it. :)
  7. jedifight90

    Count Down From 1,000,000

    994 367 yay a lucky number! :)
  8. jedifight90

    The Summoning Topic

    Here's a picture of the pet shop =) http://img146.imageshack.us/img146/6890/picture18bd8.png and here's some of the summoning pouches http://img84.imageshack.us/img84/2737/pouchesrk3.png
  9. jedifight90

    Dwarf Cannon Guide

    lol please read it again I said "4 spaces" meaning the little blocks under your character :D
  10. jedifight90

    Ranging Mithril Dragons

    Just reminding you again (case you forgot what I said) you cannot type in centered or right alignment when making guides, please change this.
  11. jedifight90

    Please Close

    We can't use stuff taken from the Knowledge Base! -Dani EDIT: oh sorry thanks for telling me I'll keep that in mind :glasses:
  12. jedifight90

    Gravestones Guide! Done!

    Please do not type in centered alignment thx :glasses:
  13. jedifight90

    Revenant Hunting Guide

    Ok I have the picture for member mage inventory http://img166.imageshack.us/img166/1007/mageinvxn7.png Runes: Bring runes for your best spell. Anti potions: Revenants have nasty poison so be prepared! one-click teleport: you always need a one-click teleport. Prayer potions: bring about 3-5 prayer potions, preferably dose 4 food: bring monkfish or better, preferably sharks
  14. jedifight90

    Dwarf Cannon Guide

    Huh weird :glasses: , jagex calls em daggermouth in the search engine but dagannoth on water birth guide. oh well ty anyways. Yeah a table might be good I'll see what I can do about that
  15. jedifight90

    God Wars Dungeon Guide

    This part I'm about to say isn't really important but it's a fact about the God wars you never talked about. <------ see? <-------- South-west of Zamorak's lair is a small statue. The statue is a bald lvl 3 noob on his knees being rammed by an orc. in the ground are the words "noob" The noob is supposed to be a macro, and it's quite funny. ( I have a picture of him on my sig) <------ see? <-------- ( look at my avatar) here's a picture of what he looks like and I have code case you want to use/remake. I'm not sure that's exactly where it is but somewhere near here (see spoiler) http://img528.imageshack.us/img528/9949/macronoobjo3.png

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